Sunday, January 1, 2017




I lay here in my darkness
I no longer see the light
The sun no longer shines for me
I've lost the will to fight
My soul it feels abandoned
My heart a mass of shards
I feel I have been cheated
In the dealing of life's cards

Inside my mind I wander
I dwell in reminisce
Watching still framed picture's
Of a past so filled with bliss
With the tenderest of moment's
When a flame burned deep inside
The sun did shine forever
In your heart I did abide

Existing now on memories
Unable to break free
From the pains of my mortality
Where once you stood with me
I search for long gone season's
The summer and the fall
The winter chill and snowflakes
The spring's rebirth and all

I pray to God and Angels
Without the slightest faith
My thoughts so filled with anger
Inside me grows such hate
For answers not forthcoming
No little voice does talk
Since your passing to the other side
It's all alone I walk

It's said that time's a healer
That things do turn around
And in this life of mystery
Love remains abound
But I miss you so my sweetheart
And all in life we shared
In my every waking moment
My soul I feel so bared
Then today I seen a butterfly

It's colours vibrant bright
Rekindled in the depths of me
That spark of hope, of light
And I looked up to the heaven's
That azure sky above
To speak these words my darling
You're my forever love

John Kavanagh. (C) 04/10/2016
All Rights Reserved


I see the autumn colours
In the changing of the trees
I taste the air of freshness
In the cooling of the breeze
I wonder at how nature brings
Forth such graceful change
How she converts the old to new
In the beauty of her range

I awake to misty mornings
I watch the fog roll in
I listen to the silence of
All that's shrouded there within
And I inside the silence
My coffee cup in hand
Cheer old natures qualities
Far across the land

I stand along the riverbank
I hear a gnawing sound
A beaver builds itself a dam
What wonder I have found
A squirrel gathers chestnuts
A fox stalks out some prey
Oh the wonders of this season
As nature leads the way

John Kavanagh (C) 22/09/2016
All Rights Reserved


Let me be the warming wind
And light that makes stars glow
Let me be the greatest love
Your heart might ever know
Let me ease your pain away
Protect you from love's fears
Let me be the sunshine which
Makes rainbows from your tears

Walk with me to where I stray
Come now take my hand
Let me catch the dreams you hold
That I might understand
Tell me of the nightmares that
Plague your sleep at night
That I might take you in my arms
And hold you warm and tight

Bring me deep into your eye's
That I might see your soul
Show to me all deep inside
That I should find my role
Share with me the sorrows you
Have suffered from your past
That I might bring the happiness
No shadows overcast

Make love with me beneath moonlight
Whilst eternally we grow
Kiss me with the passion that
Your loving heart does know
Grant to me the one true wish
My everything you'll sate
If you whisper in your sweet soft voice
I am your one soul-mate

(C)   24/09/2016

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  1. Hi John, your flow, rhythm and rhyme scheme (unforced, natural) is impeccable. You say what you mean and do it precisely in a poetic but affirmative way and the imagery is powerful, especially in your nature lines I can "taste the air of freshness" and enjoy the visual of "fog rolling in." Enjoy your work and keep us close to the magic of your pin.