Sunday, January 1, 2017




Horizons of my heart
are the songs
of all those lovely birds
flying over the meadows
of my heart. For you !

Horizons of my heart
are all those phenomenal melodies
out of the symphonic heartbeats
For you, my dear !

Passing of time, in the meantime
is a tough nut to crack
What the tomorrow shall bring
but few people know it for sure.

Vortex of our thoughts
more so, of our feelings
brings the fires
to the horizons of my heart !

In that arduous journey
of my and your life’s ride
and of our love’s as hearty ride
I need a cold water
and perhaps you too.

Send me love, darling
you call on your iPhone
in ebullient, jolly way
and I can’t stop the feeling
you are engaged so much with me.

Let me love you, make me your lover
never let our love’s formation
to fall down with a bang
from our hearts’ horizons !

You know, my dear
the future shows up
before our very eyes
What used to mean Homo Sapiens
is being transformed
to … Homo Deus
us, the algorithms
of the electronic world !

Humanism as we know it
being transformed
to the so called dataism
a belief that the Universe
consists of data flows
and the value of any entity
is determined
by its contribution
to data processing.

Perhaps one day
sooner than you think
an attractive android
looking exactly as you
will sit down next to you
chatting with you
While you will eat your lunch
your counterpart
the AI robotic android
shall plug itself
to the data network
its daily lunch !

Possibly, androids shall rule
the world one day
sharing perhaps the power
with super-humans
those amongst us
who thanks to their riches
shall cheat death
not even once.

Ultimately, the artificial intelligence
will take over
where humans failed
The end of humanity
will be stamped out
once and for all
giving unprecedented rise
to AI enthralling civilizations.

For now, my dear
let’s forget the doom scenarios
Let’s enjoy the horizons
of my and your hearts
May the beauty
of the sunrises and sunsets
fills our hearts
with overwhelming love !

Horizons of my heart
are indeed our home, my dear
The one we vowed
to stay together in
till our last breaths.

Horizons of my heart
are never ending symphonic sounds
the spellbound melodies
turning us ourselves
into a fully fledged symphony
We are the music, O’ lover !


Falling stars, collapsing Universe
lightnings on the skies of my heart
What is the other way to react
when men and women are dying
due to the depravity of apodictic tyrants
piercing the very heart of the moral multiverse ?!

Bells of my heart, rich in juices of my heart
the bells of life-giving blood of baptism
the bells of the Church that is my heart
are ringing with all the melodies
sounding the alarm as world is wide and long !

Starships are coming to the rescue
guardians of the Universe are on alert
all in the chaos of the miseries
that call for revenge from the Heavens !
We stand as one, all of us
for freedoms owed to us, no matter what !

Bells of all the corners of my heart
sappy like the best of the peaches
are ringing like frantic horses at full gallop
Maddening clatter of horseshoes
overwhelmingly takes over my heart
putting my nose to the grindstone !

O’bells, life-giving bells of my heart
you are like air we breathe in
like the mystic fruit of my life !
Invincible like all the bells
in the immortal Statue of Liberty !
O’ hear, whoever you are
hear the Ode to the bells of Heart !

Tinkle and clang like the Poe’s bells
bring out the fires of my passions
the tears of my short lived despairs
the laughs of my happy moments
Unite me with all the world
and symphonically the world with me
O’bells, amaranthine bells of my heart !

O’ bells, my bells, nature’s best atributes
never stop your clatter, rattle and jingle
Rumble and bang, thud and clamor
buzz and bustle, ping and whistle
whiz and hoot, howl and yell
fully resound across my heart !

You are the best what I have, O’bells
the engines of my heart, of my life !
I am your cordial, benevolent phantom
a gypsy soul in veils of love, veils of life
Cosmic voids are nothing for me
for I fill them with the bells of my heart
Pendulum of destiny, tides of the Universe
empower me in search for the best to bring
upon my own heart, upon the world !


The rise and fall of galaxies
happens not only
in the real Universe
It also happens
in our minds and hearts
in the furthest corners
of their spellbound universes.

- I have loved you ! -
we hear the inner voices
alongside the paths
of our inner universes.

But the love affair
living together
is definitely over
What seemed to be everlasting
was just a temporary experience.

Deep in our hearts
wounds are left
sometimes to the point
of cancerous cells
eating us alive.

Deep in our minds
we seek a refugee
Traveling across our universes
in most bizarre starships
that our brains can envision.

Astray are our spirits
poisoned by the daemons
of our own lost paths
in the immense galaxies
of our minds and hearts.

Closer to self destruction
could it not be anymore
- Don’t let me down ! -
there is the latest SOS call
from within our minds.

But who can hear
a lost soul
somewhere there
on a little island
by never ending oceans
of the Universe ?

Only death perhaps
is godsend redemption
our souls flying
to the Lord’s arms
with a lightning.

If I were you, dear stranger
I would fight back
Forget your lover who betrayed you
and the lost love affair
however painful it might be
Focus on winning the best
for the inner galaxies
of your mind and heart !

You shall emerge one day
the invincible winner
Together with your new choice
the new love of your heart
you will teleport
from space to space
in your inner universes
There won’t be a fall
of your inner galaxies anymore !


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