Saturday, April 1, 2017




I am the tree planted by the river,

that will not ever suck out.

Something has choked the dream.

lost in the darkness of dust,

as shroud covering the dead.

Angels, crouched for a long time

They are beyond the wall of the world,

Where a river sings a beautiful song,

flowing in peace ...

We are all equal in God's eyes.

But we are not the same in our midst.

We have created many barriers between us.

We are so small in the big world

Often scared to lose

But not because of faith.

Who believes that God knows,

It is there to help

Times can be like a butterfly

the wind blows where he wants,

Times can be like a bird

that flies in the sky above.

Young people are in this big world

Change from the

we live on Earth,

In different colors, race and religion,

Always some are born to hate.

Their opponents are those who pray love,

while the innocent die in peace again.

Are we all the same !?

All breathe the same air,

We have the same thoughts about life,

We all want the same thing

Health, work first as always.

Our globe is so great,

But thoughts of the people so small

They can not or do not want to see,

the injustices that make the difference.

Dreams breathe,

Along with tears, anguish and stress added,

Along with the touch of joy;

They leave a weight on our thoughts when we are awake.

They do share our being;

In a part of our time,

And a part of eternity;

As a change that overlie the dream.

in fading restless eye,

uploaded a unshed tears.

A change has choked the dream.

As the disease of the soul;

lost in the darkness of dust.

Angels, crouched for a long time

Beyond the wall of the world,


talking tree

Praying for a dream,

this morning shining dawn for you, 8 March.


When darkness invades the soul; I feel powerless,

It only illuminates on the strength;

to pray O Lord, abide with me;

In every moment You want!

I need your presence every passing hour;

In the new year with rain and sunshine,

to, to pray O Lord, abide with me!

In every moment You want!

I'm not afraid of anything, when your hand has blessed;

Diseases have no weight, and the lot of grief becomes honey;

I rejoice even death, if you hang out with me.

In every moment You want!

You do that sometimes

Even Heaven to touch my hands!

Even the air loses hearing

do not listen to what people say,

and brings music to my ears

and it makes present ever

Universe, shine ...

And when the pain cuts me to the core,

repenting of endless soul.

Eroded after each stroke of envy or greed

After every sorrow, every suffering,

You willingly brings relief.

In every moment You want!

Lord hear your viewing

And do not complain about anything, you know?

screams the sky will hit;

And every tear will roar through my throat.

Until the last breath.

Therefore Lord, have mercy!

Please, stay with me!

In every moment You want!

Weight terrible life - infinity

Congestion on the last of my breath.

Anxiety, like a bird,

beats its wings, but can not die.

The overwhelming weight increases,

I feel that roll off my chest,

of my tortured soul collide

and fled - disappear

For thus shall my Lord!

In every moment You want!

I'm alive because you will

For would I kiss the fingers of rain

To my eyes drink in the splendor of happiness

The wind scented life

To see you in the face of the sun

To laughter sky high above the head.

I feel that it is your hand gently on his forehead,

that fills me with satisfaction:

I just cringe to the following,

till eternity! ...



Just smile.

How do I get this?

Your laughter blinds my eyes

To shut up and watch

Eyes looking something:

Looking, it never found

And I do not believe it ....

KOZETA ZAVALANI  was born in Korça - Albania, on March 8, 1958 and lives in Tirana. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana in 1982 and in 1985, specialized in journalism. She has worked in Albanian Public Television and now is Editor in Chief of the magazine "Season for Change" of the "Family and Media - Power for Change" association, which she leads. She has been part of several training courses in the literary, publicity, Human Rights and Leadership. Awards -"Ambassador for Peace"and "Women of the World - 2007” won "Special Award" for literary creativity with a high artistic level, bringing the value of outstanding and sustainable in the field of poetry. “Olympus Poetry Prize – “Demeter”, "Honorary Diploma of the 1 st Mediterranean Poetry Festival" and "Certificate of Merit", Larissa, Greece, 22-World Congress of Poets. Literary works: She was author in the volumes 1 and 2 of the book "Gra që më kanë frymëzuar" in Albanian and "Women who have inspired me” in English. In 2005 she published the volume "Halfworld" in English. In 2007 the volume "Gjysmëbota" in Albanian, as well as the bulletin "Human Rights". In 2010 was launched the volume of poetry "Migrator". In 2012 she published volume of poetry "Soul gate" translated into seven languages, English, Italian, Macedonian, Romanian, Turkish and Greek. In 2014 she published novel “Ankthi” and “ Frymemarrje Femerore”. In 2015 Poetry Book “Women”. Participating in many TV shows for the media of increasing women participation in political and social life.

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