Saturday, April 1, 2017



New York City, Rio de Janeiro
Paris, London, Amsterdam
Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo
Abu Dhabi, Jerusalem, Cairo
Just look, ladies and gentlemen
young and old in dance's aureola!
Carnival, Carnival
guaranteed enjoyment
at its best!
Carnival, carnival
let’s dance
till the morning hours!
Carnival, carnival
magics in the making!
O’ carnival, carnival!
Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow
Johannesburg, Irkutsk, Vienna
Venice, Prague, Sydney
Wellington, Buenos Aires
The whole world on frenzy dance
day or night, not really a difference!
Carnival, Carnival
guaranteed enjoyment
at its best!
Carnival, carnival
let’s dance
till the morning hours!
Carnival, carnival
magics in the making!
O’ carnival, carnival!
Swinging bodies
in rapid movements
Ladies intoxicated
by inner happiness
Men on erotic flirting
as never before
That’s what carnival is abut
join us, ladies and gentlemen!
Carnival, Carnival
guaranteed enjoyment
at its best!
Carnival, carnival
let’s dance
till the morning hours!
Carnival, carnival
magics in the making!
O’ carnival, carnival!
Saint Petersburg, Oslo, Ottawa
San Francisco, Los Angeles
Tbilisi, Brussels, Paris
Madrid, Belgrade, Sydney
smallest villages of the world
no one left out, all together!
Carnival, Carnival
guaranteed enjoyment
at its best!
Carnival, carnival
let’s dance
till the morning hours!
Carnival, carnival
magics in the making!
O’ carnival, carnival!

‘ Carnival, Carnival ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra
© Thaddeus Hutyra


Lover, hold my hands
let me fly high
in the symphony of our love!

Disintegrate me
into bosons
of the quantum physics.

Let me enter new dimensions
where no time exists
but the infiniteness!

The dimensions crossable
from universes to universes
of the multiverse.

Lover, let me feel the weight
of the wings of love!

Is it not breathtaking
to be I as I am
and become I
stripped of body
I, the soul
of my own making
at all the gates
of the multiverse?!

Blurred face at first
blurred body then
I, the soul
in the reign of the Lord!

I, the consciousness!
As my own thoughts
on the earthly vale of tears.

Swinging right now on Earth
and next time on the outskirts
of the Universe.

The whole multiverse
so visible like London
one is walking in the morning.

O’ lover, believe it
nothing is impossible
Teleporting one day
is what presently iPhones are!

O’lover, hold my hands
let me see it all !
All I know you was right
fake love is our’s not
Let’s bounce back
false alarm not anymore!

We are all filled
with quantum physics
bosons upon bosons
enabling us teleporting
in our own worlds
and in the multiverse.

And more so, enabling us
transforming ourselves
from bodies to souls
and souls to bodies.

Dangerous woman you are not
on the contrary, an angel
bringing me to my destiny
You, the sweet lover !

Become a new hero
behind all the madness
Let me bring you there too
you shall not blame yourself for it.

O’ lover, hold my hands
let us fly where no one else was
we’re the precursors!

Glow, never lose sight
know it nobody but I
cares for you so much!

Cosmic hallelujah is what we are
tangled up in the infiniteness
Body to body, soul to soul
forever, my love!

O’ lover, hold my hands
love me, a lonely night no more!

Listen to Your Heart

Why are you staring at me so
why are you so mischievous
enraged at me?

Don’t you know
this is what you came for?
Don’t you see
it is unconditional love?

Just laugh
and swing in my arms
look at the beauty
of the world
starry one !
The night is the promise
magic in the making
You know it quite good!

Horses in the nearby stud
snort so loud
dogs run wild around
barking at imaginary phantoms
cats climb onto the roofs.

Dear, why are you staring at me so
Don’t you know
this is what you came for?!

There are million of reasons
for you and I
to stay together.

Water under the bridge or not
we’re there where we must be
in our hearts!

Here, O’ lover
on the earthly vale of tears
and there, O’ lover
where the oceans meet the sky!

Just listen to your heart
crimson heart of yours
the rebel heart.

Dear, we are lovers
in our unconditional love!
Lovers, lovers, rebel lovers!

To sleep without you
I can’t anymore
You and I
are just one breath
the Lord threw into the air.

Squirrels in the shadow
of the nearby tree
bald eagle on its top
gazing at the Moon
What it means
to you and I
say, oh say, do not lie!

There is only one way
to cement our hearts
the rebel hearts
You and I
the symphony of our breath
of every breath of you and I !

Dear, listen to your heart
your pearly diamond
of the worlds
of you and I
and far beyond.

Dear, listen to your heart
watch the eagle
rocketing up the sky
with wide open wings
crowned with the starry rays.

Dear, listen to your heart
your and my heart, rebel heart!
Feel the streams
of our unconditional love
pouring inward and outward
between you and I, O’ lover!


Tides of life can be as sweeping as the tides of oceans
overflowing our enthralling Earth full of allure
What there, however, once was is no longer
gone with the wind the same way as the tides do
Focus thus on your life to the outmost
let especially your love flourish into symphonic flames.

You know, my dear, you are all the musical notes
of the magnificent library of music there is
of all the musical scriptures and overtures
quintessential and essential, effervescent
all the tones out of symphonic instruments
being played on the philharmonic stage.

You know, my dear, when you are with me
it feels to me to be in the midst of creative music
you, the music, your sensual body and your heart
your eyes shining like the most bright stars
the music brought to life by your femininity
the music of the Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin calibre.

In your presence all the musical instruments
have the wings of melodies attached
The flames of music getting out of them
are transforming on my very eyes into flames of love
the flames that I not only see but also hear
the visual flames of the symphonic performance of love
between me and you, in transcendental way.

We are the lovers united in ceaseless oneness
nothing can ever split us both
Our bodies are melting in one another
and our hearts, even our souls
I do believe I am a set of melodies to you as well
so enthralling melodies that in your heart
I am the one and only one, your man !

O’ play us your music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
play us the beauty of your Requiem
put us in the mood, let us use much foreplay
May your Magic Flute and your Marriage of Figaro
let us sail smoothly through our foreplay
the ocean of fierce lovemaking, with a million of kisses.

O’ play us your music, Ludwig van Beethoven
play us your Appassionata and Moonlight Sonata
so we can forward our love intercourse
to the highest dimensions of our lovemaking
Play us your Emperor Concerto and your symphonies
you are being thanked for our orgasmic climax
one that brought us all the way to the Universe and back home.

O’ play us your music, Frédéric Chopin
play us enchanting ballades, mazurkas, waltzes,
bewitching nocturnes, polonaises, études, sonatas
What we are through are the final stages
of the music of all times, the music of love, of fulfillment
Getting up from our bed we are dancing
seduced by torrential flames of our hearts on the wings
dancing till the very morning when we do realize
we are the man and the woman, married out of pure love.


Dimensions of you, my goddess
thoroughly inspire my soul
They are enchanting gallery
making my life worth to live.

I am yearning for your breath
and the gentle fluctuations of air
from your lungs, taking my breath away
So much I am doomed to be
the vampire of love, a charming one !

Your love is the crimson blood
your tender heart the most so
Once I get you with my fanged teeth
I will be sipping you forever !

You know, my bewitching goddess
the gentle gasps of your breath
that make to shiver my entire self
are like the breezes of the winds.

Just look at all those currents of air
flowing across the world
empowered by life-giving breath
of Earth, the Blue Marble !

They spread echoes all the way
from Californian blue skies
to the Himalayan snowy ones
from Norwegian green fjords
to New Zealand’s Milford Sounds.

Just stop for a short moment
hold your breath, don’t let the time go
Listen then with outmost alert
to what you hear, the symphony
of the winds and their echoes.

They are like all the bells
in Cathedral Notre Dame
like harp medley of angels
orchestra of the lover kisses.

Know it, my sweet darling
our Earth is like you and I
deeply breathing, rapturously
sometimes blowing a gale
turning into storm with lightnings
but always breathing, exposing life.

So we are all united
in the rhythmic breaths
that come out of us
and out of Earth
ensnaring us so !

Frantic winds, lunatic Moon
nothing really can stop this love
Enthralled, I can hear and feel
smell and drink, and swallow
every breath taken into
or expelled from your lungs.

Feeling paradisiac
blissful and elated
ecstatic, joyful, euphoric
on cloud nine, my goddess !

You yourself are pure art
coming from the depths
of your heart and mind
so subtle
never cheating
always true
a partner for life.

The astonishing true love
never ever to be abandoned
One that I can trust
till normally the death
would part us
but it shall not !

Perhaps I am an alien life
that can thrive
off the cosmic rays
but my love to you
is invincible
never ever to be stopped.

Asgardia is our new home
cosmic waves our starship
the Universe our final breath !


I am painting the air I breathe in
fresh one as in the Alps
on a wintry Sunday
you and I are there.

I am painting the wind
with its whirls and swirls
so subtle and virtuosic
as the ballet dance.

I am painting your smile
and your bright eyes
expressing your happiness
on this Valentine Day !

I am painting you, O'lover
you, the beauty of my heart
I am your Valentine
you my Venus, one of heart.

You see, O'lover
I am a painter of love
But equally I know
you are also a painter of love
for I am your man
and you are my wife!

I am painting the Universe
and the gravitational waves
giving me the insight
back to the very beginning.

I am painting it all
with my spellbound dreams
flying with my wings
across the Universe !

‘ Painter of Love ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra


Covetous, lustful days
darkly, erotic nights
insatiate desires
your fangs always on display.

No! What do you want from me?
Don’t you know
you are my stigma?

Side to side, you tempt me
let me love you
is your vicious song.

No! That’s the sting
and the deadly venom!
Go, go away!

I don’t wanna know
what are your intentions
I do know
imps, little devils prance
and you’re one of them!

Party monster you are
Oh go! Get out of my eyes!

Treat you better I can’t
rage I feel is coming
Blue ain’t your color
but the darkest crimson there is.

Fall down the abyss
six feet or deeper
Never show before my eyes
you, the real devil!

Chill is what I feel
any time you’re around
Feeling like in the red lights

True colors I do know
quite good by now
Your lies are no longer
any secret to me.

No mercy no cry
is what I now feel
You the devil in disguise
I the one who ones loved you.

Sleep without you
is my dream now
Paradise, the true one
is when I don’t see you.

No a lonely night
nor misery thoughts
but the shine of stars
in my eyes
wandering across the sky.

Oh go! Go where is your place
far away from I
There, into the abyss
of your own making.

Go, oh go! Never show up
I no longer can stomach
the purple, oh, so purple rain!

Go, oh go, alien you are to me
quantum physics I prefer
than your endless rattles
There at least I find
all the beauty ordinary mortals
never think about.

No, oh no, no squabbles anymore
that’s what I do wish!
Bye, bye, devil, bye, bye!

Oh, squabble with devil
squabble with devil
never ending squabble with devil
but now it's the end!


THADDEUS HUTYRA: My actual name is Tadeusz Hutyra, though for the English/American world I have adopted the name Thaddeus Hutyra. I am the founder of “The Poetry Universe”, “River of Poetry” and a number of other poetry groups on Facebook. Born in mountainous Rajcza, Poland. I spent my childhood and teenage years there studying and I also participated in the “Solidarity movement” against the communist regime. Emigrating to New Zealand when Poland was still in the Soviet thaw I became a citizen within five years, living in the capital city Wellington, often called “Windy Wellington”. Afterwards I travelled worldwide, I have been to amongst other places China, though I finally settled down in Belgium. The USA had always been my intended final destination after my departure from Poland. America, especially New York City with its Statue of Liberty still remain my dream. The freedoms cherished by America are an unstoppable trend that I am fully behind, wishing the same to all individuals across the world, freedom, human rights and love. In the meantime I am feeling quite comfortable living in the European Union, a great project of all Europeans  which came true. I express my deep wish readers will enjoy reading these poems. If it will be the case then I will be able to say ‘Mission Accomplished’, thank you. 

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