Saturday, April 1, 2017




It’s four a.m.
Old Red crows
To greet the Summer day
My eyes open
To the morning stars
Twinkling, winking,
Biding adieu
To the quiet of night
My bones move
Jumping into the day
The day’s just beginning
Already, my mind
Is running with the
Thought of doing
Feeding chickens, rabbits
Slopping hogs and feeding birds
All are
Trailing my footsteps
Carefully tending gardens,
Weeding crops
Chores divided
It all gets done
The noon call rings
To break for lunch
And the Sunset lights
Golden rainbow colors
Streaking bluest crystal sky
Cotton Candy Clouds
Waltzing with the evening breeze
Are leaving the horizon
All work aside
We are running
Playing tag , hide and seek
In the vast, green Cotton Fields
Exquisite yellow petals,
Like butterfly wings
Are waving in the wind
The day disappears into yesterday
Thoughts of childhood
Quickly fade, like the cloudy days
The Rooster was singing
But, it was a memory
Of which, I was dreaming
Of the time of rosy dreams
Of the time of magic thoughts
Of Awe and wonder
In wonder, I have lived
And in wonder, I’ll be leaving
For now, I am dreaming
Of the light
That fires my wondering
Of the night
That ends my wandering
© Juanita García Vera
All Rights Reserved JGV 2016


The stars light
The evening sky
And every place I see
Their light so bright
Shone in my eyes
So bright,
It blinded me
I’d never seen
A miracle
Until I saw his face
His smile so warm
Opened my heart
To see
What life could be
I never thought
The light I saw
Was burning
From within
I’d never seen
The stars that cried
Until my light grew dim

©Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved  JGV  25, 12, 2013


Poetry called
Not because I was
A great writer
Not because I could rhyme
Not because I wanted fame
Not because I longed
For financial gain
Poetry called
Because my heart
Hurt So bad
I wanted to die
Because my tears
Did little to fill
The void
To ease the pain
Words, poured,
Words gushed
Like an endless waterfall
Of paralyzing pain
Like a tornado
That swept
Into the darkest sky
While I drowned
In its powerful force
I wrote, at first
Making little sense
Of how I felt
I wrote and wrote
Wrote for years
Then one day
 I   read
The words
And they made
Me cry
The terrible pain
The paralyzing loss
The vast vacuum
That swallowed my soul
That left me a shadow
A dark sullen being
With no hope,
No laughter,
No vision of tomorrow
One day, I wrote
A funny poem
And I laughed to myself
Found the light
And though the emptiness
Remained, Somehow
I clung on
To the words and
Things I wrote
Spoke to me
Made me see
Hope shines bright
In the dimmest of lights
As long as I live
Hope lives in me
And God, I believe
I will not be silent
Telling everyone
That light shines
On the edges
Of the darkest clouds
Open your heart
To see it shine
So beautifully
© Juanita García Vera
JGV 25-03-2015


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