Saturday, April 1, 2017




There is a little piece of metal
in the chest.
It’s gold
or silver,
or it’s steel,
or oxide,
even it is lead-evil.
Name it – Heart.
Imaging this -
glowing Gold
and Silver – are blessed.
All oxides – a mixtures of compounds.
Steel no real scars and wounds.
Lead - substance of arcane:
Lead is the bane.
But on your way,
God forbid, you will meet – Lead…

But no matter how sounds every heart,
We have Winged Heart,
hidden inside the very basis of our life – our sells.
maybe at least, one time per life
we reach the state of spiritual bliss.
This is the moment when the heart is winged
and finds the rhythm,
harmonious with the rhythms
of all hearts in the universe –
as on the earth so in the sky,
when light rays spread the love
and changed heart field
we reach the state of spiritual bliss.
© Natalia Govsha


...For you I have not closed the door...
Though, color's changing on the canvas of my life:
sometimes blurred - cry, or bright laugh with the light.
Day follows day... month follows month.
But in my core the score from rose's thorn - that rose,
you gave her – other woman, still bleeds like red petals and hurts...
...And I am here again - here, on the home-ground, snowy white.
Midnight...My face enjoys with kisses snowflakes.
And in my eyes I see the air as burn white flame through tears -
like divine candle in the church - that I've not lit for you today...
I have not lit the first time in five years...
© Natalie Govsha


I don't want
the earth would be empty
without you.
How to live
if you will leave the earth.
While you alive
tenderness flies through heaven
like the love source
to my core,
then streams from my heart
and enfolds whole world…

I don’t want
the earth would be empty
without you.
In my vision I see
the Grace of God’s Mother face…
She holds me with Her hands… in Her embrace…
I don’t say a word – She understands
what the sword cuts my poor heart.
I am the child… I will be a child while
my aged roots are still alive…
© Natalie Govsha


If you’ll remove from me
the fetters of the ban,
and throw open your doors,
at least for a while,
with blissful smile
I’ll see effulgence of your letters,
and gently touch
to your words, alive,
by my eyes;
greedily swallowing
the sweetness of your thoughts,
frantically inhaling essence
of your presence.

I’ll snuggle to your pages
with my whole being.
You won't even see
my divine pleasure
by your luxurious words…
…If you’ll remove from me
the fetters of the ban
and throw open your doors,
at least for a while…
© Natalia Govsha


Если ты снимешь с меня оковы,
и распахнешь свои двери,
хотя бы на время...
Я нежно глазами-слезами
прикоснусь к твоему слову, живому,
жадно глотая сладость твоих мыслей.
Судорожно вдыхая запах твоей жизни.
Всем существом своим
прильну к твоим страницам,
к буквам на них -
как к давно знакомым и потерянным лицам.

Обещаю - ты не увидишь
мое божественное наслаждение
твоим роскошным словом.
Ищу его, зову его,
наяву вижу, как эфемерное наваждение.
...Если ты снимешь с меня оковы,
и распахнешь свои двери.
Хотя бы на время...

©Наталия Говша

NATALIA GOVSHA: She has been written poems and prose all her life and has been studying alchemical philosophy and synthesis of religions for many years. She writes poems in Russian (it’s her mother language) and in English. She’s published her first book in English “Woman’s Diary” Archway Publishing, two years ago. She is Russian-Canadian, lives in Mississauga City, a province of Ontario, Canada, with her family.

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