Saturday, April 1, 2017


mihaela bruma


She walks
through lagoons of millennia
painted in hues of blue lotuses
and eikonal spaces.

She brings us
to Eternity and beyond
with footprints left
on the sands of Time.

Her hair
is spread across the skies
streaming Pasts, Presents and Futures,
the canopies of our lives is displayed
inside an Ancient hall of mirrors,
echoing our destinies,
humming the rhythm
of the timelessness…

Each of her kiss
is like a prayer or prophecy,
she wears a tiara of Ancient stories
and a garland of Akashic records,
sheltering everyone into her Heart,
unfurling her celestial presence
within the shoreless times…

Her smile
is a portal to the vastness of the Worlds,
an unending dawn falls under her steps…

Her amber eyes
holding the secrets of the skies
in front of the chaos…

Only the Sky
is the rival of her feline beauty,
as she is the keeper of the universal flame
and custodian of cosmic Wisdom.

She stands horizontally in her expression
and ontological loveliness,
unraveling periods of uncertain nothingness,
as human history on papyruses gets immortalized.

Her legendary mysticism
passes the vastness of Time
and murals of Creation.
The entire Universe
is versed and rhymed
with her own Universe…

Her voice
sounds like the shades of effervescence,
speaking about an Existence beyond the Existence
beyond the zero point,
carrying her convenants and arks
and the lasting Wisdom
of Everythingness
and Nothingness.

She…. Ankh…
the key of Life,
the eternal Breath,
unlimited in her form vastness,
the pinnacle depths of Be-ing!

She alignes pathways
with the voice of the supreme,
wrapped in her folds of Time,
engulfed in her folds of Space.

With all her rays of awareness,
where Light interludes with Night
Ankh… the Eternal Breath,
contemplates the lightness of the Light,
the roots of Eternity,
the multitudes of the “I”s.

Ankh… the timeless giver of Life
in the depths of azure dreams,
she scribbles her heart’s hieroglyphs
on the diverging fields of Infinites,
so our memories and dreamtimes
can rhyme within the moonbeams.

As a timeless giver of Life
she teaches us
that it is not the Time
which makes the Eternity…
But the LOVE…

is not just a drop in our EXISTENCE!!!


Through the glaciers of Time,
within extensive number of flashes and junctures,
in this steady and enduring intoxication
with its delirium surges and effluxes,
in the valleys where Knowledge does not need its knowing
and where the calculus towards the Infinitude
conceives the perfect curves  and spherical realms,
unbounded, unconstrained with unbroken views,
where the Unseen is expanded by exponential dimensions
there… where illusions and desires have no  more matter
no edge for yesterdays and tomorrows and past to be retold
as memory flames dance in verdant lush synchronicities,
I have unmistakably found you…
In the complexity of the simplicity!

And the Eternity…
I sealed it with a kiss!

mihaela bruma

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