Saturday, April 1, 2017




Wine soaked suicidal demons
were lurking deep inside
of my darkest shadows
while I was occupied
counting the lost sheep
of my manic dreams -
So if you happen
to find her crying
up into the hot sun
or laughing beneath
the green, foamy waves,
give her my message -
I will not forget “us”
until the lonely moon
turns blue from the cold,
and the stars are paralyzed
by the icy blackness
of dead, frozen space.


Whisper in my ear
just one more time.
Let me hear that voice
which melts the ice
in even the deepest
winter, ignites the stars
in the midst of the
eternal blackness of
the night sky and
carries a rich melody
on the wind that
tickles the air
with laughter and
covers the hills
with golden honey.
Whisper in my ear
just one more time,
that I may hold
in my mind forever
that voice which
brought me back to
the world of the living.


The lemony sunbeams
begin to leak under
the door and lighten
the icy windows.
The morning has arrived
and my head starts
to rise from the thick,
murky darkness of sleep.
A touch, as light as mist
and as soft as down
sends a sweet shiver
rippling up my back,
as she sighs like the coo
of a mourning dove.
The buttery rays of the sun
cover the chilly room
with a blanket of warmth
as she laughs into
the golden-striped air
with the song of a lark
and touches me once again,
sending me to a place
where the dawn breaks eternally
and the sunshine coats the sky
with ribbons of amber.


KENNETH NORMAN COOK was raised in Midway City, California (USA) in the 1960s. It was there that he began to fall in love with words, through a sixth grade English assignment to write a poem about Halloween. His entry was selected to be published in the school newsletter and that started him on a lifetime sojourn through the creative world known as poetry. After living away for many years, Kenneth is back in California, where he continues to write daily. He is a regular contributor to several magazines, has been featured in numerous recent poetry anthologies and has released a newly revised edition of his poetry collection, Shadow Walk With Me. He is also the author of a second book, This Side of Nothing, as well as a third; a collection of haiku and senryu poetry, entitled Theater of the Absurd. (All three books are in the English language, Kenneth's 'mother tongue'. Kenneth is a writer with over one thousand poems in his writing arsenal. Be prepared for a literary roller-coaster of emotions, imagery and intense imagination, for this is the poetry of Kenneth Norman Cook. 

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