Saturday, April 1, 2017




You might not know my name
You might dismiss me with a look
You might not remember my face
But I am the best that's ever been..

You might not see me
Or maybe you will dismiss me
But one day you will look up
And that’s the day I will be gone..

A wildflower in the making
Was the sunset that morning
Flowers danced in the breeze
As the blue bloomed in the morning stars..

As sadness circled my troubled head
Tears dropped into my tired chest
Walking into the wind
Crying from my soul that lonely day..

Don't you worry I cried
This is the day; yes this is the day I will die
And life will go on
Forever and ever to no end..

Debbie Brooks.


It wasn't but a moment in time
It wasn't but a laugh I suppose
It wasn't but a teardrop that never fell
It wasn't but a love that died from the stem
That never rose~

A union of make believe cries
A union of non-belief hearts that always die
A union of crying sighs~

Waiting for the ring of your heart
Waiting for that unexpected expression of love~

Waiting for that moment in time
Waiting for you ~



You were born
through the times of yesterday
as time flies by
you were still on my mind as you careened~

These tears I shed
flow to you my life, my love
holding our heart that I have known
just a day or two or more
as I work from nine to five so it seems~

White collars so strong
the hours are long
in those great big towers
unto my mind you flow
one last day that beams~

The precious prayers of saints
holds the hearts of old
as we live the life we are told
these words are true
and it demeans~

Unto my mind
we flow
that love and life are born
just one more time life will be forlorn~


AUTHOR AND POETESS DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD is a published author of forty five books you can find her on lulu and amazon She is Vice President and Marketing Director of WildFire PUBLICATIONS, Lives in TENNESSEE USA


  1. Author Deborah Brooks-Langford, I absolutely love, love, love your poem titled; "Forever and Ever". I read it twice and 'gonna' re-read it, again, and again and again; forever and forever!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Pittsburgh Author Renee' Drummond-Brown (Renee's Poems with Wings are Words in Flight).


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