Friday, September 1, 2017




It was you who was asking me
to give up the secrecy,
to tell you why I like you so...
So here it is - just so you know:

You saw me when noone cared,
you talked to me when noone dared,
you cared when noone saw me cry...
These are just some reasons why

You saw me in good times and in bad,
made me feel better when I was sad
- you showed me which way to go,
you built me up, giving way to grow

You asked for advice, and gave me some,
made me feel better as a mom
You were there for me for so long,
giving me strength when I needed to be strong

There's so much I owe to you,
for so many things that I had to go through
I don't know how I could give you back,
for there is so much that I still lack

But let me just tell you this:
If you would be gone, I'd terribly miss
most of all your beautiful heart
- for I can feel you even when we're apart

So let me just thank you for the times we could share...
If you ever need someone I will be happy to be there:
Let me show I can do something for you, too
Allow me to be the person who takes care of you


Without us really knowing why
we were forced to say goodbye
sooner than we had planned to
- nothing we really wanted to do

Both of us were feeling sad,
for there was still so much to say:
The timing to us seemed really bad,
for we really wanted this moment to stay

We enjoyed the time we had,
for each given moment we were glad
- but too soon the time had passed,
like happy moments always go by so fast...

So I straightened up to hold back my tears,
for I didn't want you to notice my pain,
so it will be a good memory after some years...
Wishing you the best - hope to see you soon again

No matter what you'll decide to do,
whatever you might have to go through
- even if you might have no clue:
I will always be there for you
Change of Heart

When I lately had a choice
to choose the way I had to go,
I chose to give unheard cries a voice,
so that anyone who listened would know

How bad it is what's going on,
that I'll do whatever I can
so that these bad things would be gone,
to help create a world more human

For anyone living on the planet here,
for every being who is aware,
because the end of this time is near
- because I feel I really care

I don't want to close my eyes again,
I don't want to pretend I can't hear
all the seemingly invisible pain
- because the message to me is loud and clear

I see a change that's going on,
so I'm willing to do my part
so pain and hate will finally be gone
so there can be a change of heart

We need to live in harmony,
with other beings, with nature, with all
- so we should try to live compassionately:
Just let your heart receive the call

Things can be better than just now,
better than they were before
- just in case you don't know how,
listen to your heart - it may know more...

Earth can be a beautiful place,
a place filled with happiness and love
for every kind of living race,
like paradise - a place like heaven and above...

So I'm asking not to judge me,
because I'm into this with heart and mind
There was too much I already had to see
so I can't pretend I'm being blind

I had to change much to go this way
do many things of which I had no clue
While keeping to hope that one fine day
my way will be the right one for you, too


It's not that I wanted it so much,
but it is stuck inside my head
It gave my tendency the final touch,
so I found alternatives for me instead…

"Instead of what?", you might ask,
And what changed your mind?"
It was some knowledge that completed my task
- the knowledge that I was so blind

I was just too blind to see
what was really good for me,
what was good for nature, for the human kind:
This knowledge finally changed my mind

How choices really influence what's going on,
how to choose to make certain diseases be gone:
It was much easier than I had thought
- but I had to replace some things that I was taught

I found this knowledge everywhere,
before I didn't even notice it was there:
So obvious - just some attention that it would take,
some changes that I'd have to make…

I know I'll have to go my way,
but I won't have to go alone
The number of us grows with every day
- the reasons are not really unknown:

Health, animals, natural environment...
I know that you heard all this before,
but listening - any time you spent:
The arguments for this seem to get more…

They're literally wherever I go,
so I decided to go with the flow
Live more kindly, more healthy - keeping to grow,
living plant-based is a good decision - just so you know

I feel better, inside and out, too,
even if you think it can't be true:
It just depends on what you do...
One simple decision can change very much - also for you

BRITTA HOFFMANN was born 1970 in Germany, she lives close to Bremen. Her mother tongue is german – as is her nationality. She left school in 1989, and got married in 1991. She has 3 daughters. She started to write poetry in 2002.


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