Friday, September 1, 2017




a book of time,
laughter that echoes down the years,
tears of joy that were shared,
tunes of music that were heard,
remind me of things that I have done.
No one can take away,
those enchanted hours or days,
the madness and the fun.
They're locked away in my heart,
I alone hold the key,
if I knew then what I know now,
this is what I'd see.
To love is to trust,
to trust is to listen,
to listen is to learn,
to learn is to see,
to see is to feel,
to feel you must open your heart.
Love is invincible,
A crusader,
Faithful,true and brave,
Every fight to right a wrong,
A knight of the secret heart.


Those childhood days,
full of adventure,
explorers in pursuit of our dreams,
every day as exciting as the on before.
Always together,
finding treasures of old.
Climbing trees,ghost hunting,
being scared,being bold.
A friendship,a bond,
from heaven it was sent,
creating mischief and laughter,
wherever we went.
Having picnics,going swimming,
doing projects together.
Listening to music,reading books,
together whatever the weather.
Childhood recollections swirl in my heart,
from years of fabulous fun.
A stitch in time,
that is alone mine,
my special cloak of happiness.


I have found a love,
as rich as a Pharaohs tomb,
I feel just like a butterfly,
emerging from it's cocoon.
I feel bold ,
I feel young,
there is a song of joy in my heart.
You're my charm of protection
when danger is near,
you soothe away all thought of fear.
I cannot breath,
I cannot think,
My mind is in overload.
We have risked a lot
to get this far,
our hearts sought each other out,
a multi-coloured destiny,
our paths of life marked out.
Together forever,
you and I,
my one and only sweet ally.


DONNA MCCABE was born and raised in the Rhondda Valleys, South Wales, UK. She now lives in a town called Penygraig with her husband Richard, a post man,their three children and family dog. She has always loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She finds it therapeutic and a relief from life's every day grind and problems. She has been writing actively for the last sixteen years in which time she has had a large portion of her work published in a number of magazines, journals, local periodicals, poetry anthologies as well as various poetry groups online in which she is an active member.

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