Friday, September 1, 2017




I basque in your love
Absorbing the serenity
With your oceans
of awesomeness
Completely immersed
I feel weightless
As the buoyancy
Of emerald waves
Rock my gently
To  a soulful place
Of your peaceful
Knowing your love
Is endless
Angel Bell 😇(c) 2017


The lapping sound
of the waves crashing
against the water edge
Lulled her soundly to sleep
Gently drifting her mind
to the magical memories
Creating a curl upon her lips
Reminiscing her childhood days
Whilst the suns rays
wisp's across the
Deep blue waves tips
Into a glistened shimmering gold
Right across the horizon
Waiting to greet
the edge of the world
Where a new day begins
to syncrematically unfold
She inhales the sea air
Her curvaceous body boyanty
Enveloped by the soft waters
velvet touch
As each wave gently caresses
against her golden sunkissed skin
Rhythmic waves
of hypnotic peacefulness
Fills Her Heart beating within
Creating A sea bed lullaby
Of the salted twinkling dew
Transforming her to a
Dancing mermaid
As her torquise tail grew
Thrilled and delighted
She swam excited
Towards the moonlight beams
Where wishes come true
Under secret rainbows
Of Enchanted dreams
Angel Bell (c) 2017


Darkness fell before his eyes
The waves crashed and tossed
The sailors limp body
under the sapphire skies
Debris of the sunken ship
Floated along the shores
His solemn soul began to leave
Yet the mermaids kiss implored
To please come back to her
Alive and strong
Whilst she flapped her fin
As she Held him in her arms
All night long
Caressing his pale skin
Kissing him softly on his lips
Breathing life back into him
With her longing wish
She flapped rhythmically
As she gave her tail
One last long swish
Thus he felt
the inner strength within
he opened his eyes
Amazed as she drew him in
And swept him down bellow
To the bottom of the reef
To her hidden marine world
Where dreams come true
in neptunes kingdom of make belief
Angel Bell (c) 2017


Do you try to shake off
The reality
Whilst The hour glass of life
Is beginning to get full
Like a thief in the night
Has stolen yesterday
Your joy and your youth
day's turn into months
Season pass onto decades
Green leaves turning
to rusty brown
Weaving shades of greys
Plaited into your hidden tears
Slowly rolling down your cheeks
As you become aware
Your youth is
suddenly sailing away
Week by week
there is nothing you can do
Chasing clouds of yesterday
Once the spring in your feet
Lept from your heart
Bouncing to the beat
The world was yours to grab
Dreams to fulfill
Spinning the yarn of optimism
songs sung of falling
in and out of love
Desires ignite of longing
To waking up in lovers arms
Where did the years flow
Where are the days
You were once so eager to grow
Bearing the wrinkles of laughter
Deeply engraved into your skin
Yet the youth of fun and adventure
Still move rivers of youth within
You embrace the time of aging
When you see yourself
In your children's eyes
And accept the fact
How really time quickly flies
Angel Bell (c) 2017


I know
............loving can hurt
Rip into you sharp and hard
Tear you deeply inside
No where to run
No where to hide

I know
...........loving can burn
Scorch and scar
The best of hearts
However near, however far

I know
.............loving can test
Every emotion every vow
Humble you to your knees
Bend you down to bow

I know
............that fairytales
Are for dreamers and romantics
Which rarely do come true
But you're my happily forever after
That l'm so in love with you

Angel Bell (c) 2016

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