Friday, September 1, 2017




I have a secret I wish to share
but I don't think I should tell
it's about a little boy I know
who keeps something in a pail

he doesn't speak about it
except when he speaks to me
no one even knows he can talk
not one soul in his family

if they discover he can speak
they'll expect explanations
but with him in his silence
they only see new creations

they mourned the son
that stopped talking overnight
they took him to all the doctors
they felt it just wasn't right

never again would the child speak
which filled the parents with woe
but they built their lives around it
and his secret they'll never know

but it doesn't really matter
rather it's from the mouth or pail
a secret is not really a secret
unless you have someone to tell

Transparent Heart

I don't know how you do it
into my heart you see
why,  if I didn't know better
I'd say you knew the real me

I don't know how you do it
it's as if my heart is glass
you can see when it breaks
you know how long it's strength lasts

I must have that one thing
a transparent heart, you see
because no matter how I feel
you really seem to know me

I thought you were a stranger
but you know me so well
I'd like to know about you now
everything there is to tell

pretend you have the heart
transparent and sweet
let me look into yours
as you help me on my feet

help me with the impossible
fly to the moon up above
wrap your heart around mine
to bond a heart full of love


as soon as we are able to speak
we begin to ask the question why
we want to explore surroundings
learn more,  desire to fly

even as children we play
running around,  arms open wide
we're like eagles in the sky
we're eager and bonafide

we have this strong hunger
with much energy to burn
often asking questions in life
we have the desire to learn

as soon as we are provoked
we have the tendency to ask
who are we and where am I from
learning in life becomes our task

as soon as we are able to speak
we begin to ask the question why
we want to experience life
our spirits begin to soar high


DEBBIE EMBREY is a poetess that has been writing faithfully now for 32 years.  Her first book was written two years ago titled,  "The Heart's Treasures."  Since then,  she has co-written "Sweet Serenity " with Deborah Brooks Langford and her first children's book,  "Pete,  the Mischievous Pup." Raised in Kentucky, USA,  she currently resides in Central City, KY.

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