Friday, September 1, 2017




I am chained,
Caught between two lovers.

One wild and free and passionate
When making love to me.
He takes me to new heights,
Explosive love making all during the night.

The other is steady as a rock,
By his word, I could set my clock.
Slow and gentle is his touch,
Like  lapping waves hitting the shore.

They are both in my head and heart.
One rides fast  and hard,
Finding hiding places to escape in the dark.
The other is careful not to hurt,
Soothing and methodical he heals my heart.

I am chained between two lovers,
One wild and free who brings out the passionate side of me.
The other steady as a rock,
He worships me with a devotion that will never stop.

I am chained and don’t know what to do.
Caught in the middle between the two of them.
I love them equally the same.
I just am caught in the middle of a player’s game.

So I am chained.

Written by Ann Landrum Stockstill
August 23, 2015


Sensuous as the feel of silk on bare skin,
Seductive, as your soft lips explore and taste mine,
You have me under your spell,
Tempting me , taunting me, making me want more.

Laying here looking into your sexy eyes,
Wondering what new games you have in mind,
Sumptuous as your voice, low and rich,
Whispering words of love and devotion.

I bask in the luxurious power of your touch,
Knowing where you are going with your tongue,
Gratifying me physically, sexually explosive,
Hours seem like minutes as time stops.

And I still want more like an empty vessel,
I need to be filled by your love,
Timeless, lasting, unending need for affection,
You draw me into you with a forceful energy.

So sensuous and seductive as you cradle me,
Laying here looking into your sexy eyes,
Playing games meant to gratify me,
Taunting me and making me want more.

Laying here looking into your sexy eyes,
Time seems to stop as your soft lips explore mine,
Your voice low with desire  and  the need to please,
You have me under your spell.


Written by Ann Landrum-Stockstill
All rights reserved.  August 28,2015

Am I awake or dreaming?
I can’t shake the feeling,
Lips soft and touching mine,
Caressing , causing a tingling within me.

Am I awake or dreaming?
Is this a figment of my imagination or reality?
Love is elusive at best,
Hard to find and quickly lost.

Am I awake or dreaming?
I feel  warm  hands caressing,
Touching my hair and moving closer,
Whispers like sweet nothings in my ear.

Am I awake or dreaming?
It is such a warm, loving feeling.
If it is a dream then don’t wake me.
Dreaming is so much better than my reality.

Am I awake or just  dreaming?

Written by Ann Landrum Stockstill 
From My Book “Painted Dreams”


When you touched my hand
  And your lips  caressed mine,
Were you thinking of me?

When you danced holding me close,
  Your breathe on my cheek
Whispering sweet nothings,
Were you thinking of me?

When the lights were low,
  Soft, romantic music playing
As you lay close to me,
Where you thinking of me?

When we talked about travel
  And made future plans,
Where you thinking of me?

When foreign shores beckoned you,
  French wine, fine cuisine served on a terrace,
Overlooking the Eifel Tower and sparkling  lights of Paris,
Were you thinking of her?

When you traveled to Rome, Istanbul and St Petersburg,
   Changing the look of your face,
Drinking Russian vodka, long white nights,
Were you thinking of her?

Laying on white Dominican beaches,
Playing in  the foaming surf,
Where your phone service never worked,
Were you thinking of her?

Did you look into her eyes and repeat unholy vows,
   To love and cherish until death,
When the church bells tolled,
Did you really believe the lies you told,
As you married her while you were married to me?

It seems in our life together, you were never thinking of me

   But sadly only thinking about you.

AUGUST 20, 2012

ANN LANDRUM-STOCKSTILL: Let me introduce myself .  I have a Masters of Education degree and taught middle school and junior high science and English for 35 years.  I incorporated a teaching style that encouraged students to learn through auditory, visual and tactile activities. I also own and operate Coyote Creek Ranch and specialize in homozygous paint horses. I have APHA/PtHA world champion paint horses and ship horses internationally. Many of my horses have been sold to ranches in Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia, Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Thailand and many states within the United States. My horses have been featured in many magazines including “The Paint Horse Journal,” “The Equine Journal,” and “The Quarter Horse Journal.” At present I am working as a parole officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and supervise approximately 80 felons after they are paroled. My job involves motivating clients to meet parole expectations and become productive citizens. I began writing poetry about 2 ½  years  ago and use my experiences involving nature, my ranch, parole experiences, my love of animals and my experiences with  family, friends and parolees in my writing. I have written 6 poetry books and published 5 poetry books.  The books I have written are entitled “Painted Dreams, “Out of the Light into the Dark,” “Sunset Inn Where Dreams Begin,”  “Neon Lights and Drinks After Five,” “Shades of Red,” and “Rivers of Change.” White Bird Publications published 5 of my poetry books. Each book is different in focus and content. I have also contributed to a number of anthologies incorporating the works of  international poets.  These include books published by Eber & Wein and Some of the titles are “In Praise- In Memory-In Ink,” “In My Lifetime,” and “Streams of Poetry with  poets from the United States , as well as, Canada and other countries. I have also completed 5 children’s books entitled “ Lady and the Panther, “ “Chicos True to Texas,” “Guinevere, A Goose’s Tale,” “Moses the Rescue Dog,” and “Living in the Shadows.”  I have also completed a fairy tale for children entitled “ The Magical Kingdom” coming soon. I am also writing 2 adult novels entitled “Sex and Seduction”  and “Falling from Grace.”

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