Friday, September 1, 2017




A strange glow in you eyes
Tells me of new love in your heart
Our love came to its end
Your lips tell me it’s time to part.
You don’t kiss me tender any more
A cold wall is between us
For me, it's too late to fight
Other woman is on your mind.

A strange glow in you eyes
Tells me of new love in your heart
Our love came to its end
Your lips tell me it’s time to part.
Just kiss me this last time and then go…
While I am torn to pieces
The seams will tear apart
Instead of blossoming love.

Kiss me once more
Bring fascination to me
And a tender comfort
Even with that false passion
As if I were an old coat.
Kiss me once more
Then just throw me away
Don’t let your kind words float
Just throw me away stilly
As if I were an old coat.

Branka Vojinović-Jegdić (Montenegro)


On whose shoulder will I put my head
To whom will I surrender this night
Oh, just forget me girl, you said
In a sad solitude helplessly wrapped.

I was your wayside station only
When you have stopped by to rest your soul
changes came, on the past I could dwell
blossoming love can't survive a dry spell

Again, I'd  accept living in a lie
And for your love I would die
Just call me, it will never be too late
I will say yes to deity of love and celebrate.

Branka Vojinović-Jegdić (Montenegro)


If Apocalypse ever happens
It will miss me
For I was given
A mark of survival at my birth,
Wandering over the roads of weeping
Soles of my feet are cracked
Leaving bloody tracks
Over the paths of pain,
And the sunrise catching me
As if a wounded beast
In the cage of unrest,
The blossoming cherries
Give me no longer consolation.
And to you?

To me, winters still die,
Cherries still blossom for me
those black horses
are still playful in their gallop over Bukovac
and that mulberry tree is still there
a blanket, a blue sky, the white clouds
a black coffee and her smile,
in her arms she held a rabbit with a wounded leg
so funny,
talking restlessly
and I was listening
I loved to listen to her
I loved her voice,
I even loved that rabbit,
and how I wanted to be him
so she would hold me in her arms
looking at me with so much love.
White clouds above us in rush,
is it possible all of that disappears?
The birds whisper while flying
the time is close enough.

It is good for you my friend
Those cherry blossoms
Still waking up
With their sweet smell
Your dreams fallen asleep,
I stopped to warm up
On the cinders long ago,
I do not clean a wound
Of defeat any more,
I do not recognize myself in the shade,
The mirrors have been broken,
I give up yesterday,
Let the memories heal
I give up hope,
Waiting readily.
Without any luggage.

I would take that rabbit with me
and her smile
and a touch of her palm.
I do not wish to accept the end
even if it is a new beginning
even if it promises infinity.
I do not wish the world to disappear
for I love,
I want it to last
as long as there is love,
ripe mulberries are falling
and a white rabbit is at play . . .

Authors of the song-Branka Vojinović-Jegdić (Montenegro) & Slobodan Mrkojević (Philadelphia)

Translation into English: ĐURĐA VUKELIĆ ROŽIĆ (Croatia)

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