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Let love flow like the universe in existence,
Where planets revolve in uniform motion
Regularly watching each other in exact proportion.

Let love flow like  water in myriad  forms,
A tiny brook,stream,lake,river or mighty falls
Flowing in harmony towards deep ocean's call.

Let love flow like angelic clouds
Swollen pregnant with ambrosia rains,
Falling fertile rejuvenating earthly veins.

Let love flow like fragrant petals of flowers
Tenderly opening winking at bees and butterflies,
Smiling in green lawns,meadows or mountain wise.

Let love flow like home bound birds,
Flying together in twilight hours,
Flocking feathers bidding farewell lovers.

Let love flow like hills on vale,
Where solitude serenity dresses the pale,
Where white pure lilies bloom without fail.

Let love flow like prayers on tall trees
Branches reaching heaven in reverence,
Whispering leaves embrace fruits in sustenance.

Let love flow like lyrical songs,
Touching melodious heart's singing along
Uplifting sad moods  to happiness day long.

Let love flow with breath of our life,
While  we inhale fresh air of caring,
Let's exhale compassionate sharing.

Jyotirmaya Thakur 22/7/17


Love is in the first sight of mother for her new born child,
Birds in sky,fish in water or animals tame or wild. Love is the language dumb can speak and deaf can hear,
Blind can see,brings smile to a tear.

Love is in baby's cry,youth generous fantasy trove,
In puppy fascination of falling in and out of love.
Love is an awesome mystery of the heart,
Complete surrender of wholesome part.

Love is in all seasons and uplifting moods of emotions,
In freezing altitude of winter or summer fiery abundance.
In proud glamorous rainbows or spring gleeful blossoms,
Even golden autumnal age of leaf shedding moments.

Love is beyond imagination without any urge to possess or restrain
Unspeakable closeness with every breath and sensation.
Bonding with anyone,friends, brother, lover, strangers in compassion,
In heart there is endless space like the earth,no separation.

No one can give love or take it away for it needs not another for completion,
There is no loneliness,every fear,every doubt, even sadness is in habitation.
Universal love moves sun,moon, stars,ocean and earth,
There is no perfection only acceptance untouched by death.

Love reigns supreme in all its glory,
Borderless,limitless,without demarcations in eternity.

Jyotirmaya Thakur©®12/6/17


Love is a metaphor of absolute surrender,
Unspeakable closeness with every breath together.
L, is for the laughter we share everyday,
We hold on to each other in every way.
O, is for opulence that we treasure each other,
Knowing our wealth will never wither.
V, is for the values of our unconditional smiles,
As we walk through troubles miles after miles.
E, is for everything amazing at all times,
True love is measured by how deeply heart rhymes.
Love is a river of never ending stream,
Shared by each other, answer to  a dream.
Love is the thirst drowned in ocean blue,
Devoted to each other until death is true.
Love is a never ending story,
Sharing with each in all its glory.
Love is colorblind,never prejudiced,
Trust unlimited,hospitable and kind.
Love is tolerance triumphant in life,
Respect for each other,shining in strife.
Love is open sky with a beautiful sight ,
Guide of struggling tears with all might.
Love is cosmic energy of natural synergy,
Balanced attraction of antonyms,synonyms diversity.
Love is the moon and stars in sky above,
Love is gift from God and God is a gift of love.

Jyotirmaya Thakur©®4/6/17


Hold on to them who love you back,
Forever faithful without any slack.
Someone who is proud and openly laughs with you,
Someone who keeps pace and patiently waits for you.

Someone who treats you well and makes you his priority,
Someone who is there for a while but feels like eternity,
Someone who shows you the purpose of your birth,
Someone who will follow you to the end of the earth.

The one who adores you with your flaws,
Will go to any length to cover your faults,
Loves your ugliness and imperfections,
Will cherish you without corrections.

Who hugs your heart with open arms,
Touches your core with soothing palms.
Whose company is life healing elixir,
Emotional bonding is a genuine gesture.

Nowhere to hide,nothing to confide,
Whose heart opens the whole world wide,
Whose hands enclasped can blindly glide,
Already in heaven with such love by your side.

Jyotirmaya Thakur©®2017


Only in an arid desert an oasis abounds,
Beneath hearts of layered sand, stream of love sounds,
Let's make a dent in the heap of hills laid waste,
And rescue lonely hearts buried in deep debris hate.

Love is hiding in the middle of lost hearts,
It was from the beginning hiding in some parts.
If we patiently not drown in abyss of stress and anxiety,
It takes understanding to release pain in empathy.

Every experience is a paradox which means its absolute,
Yet is relative for hope goes beyond barriers all,
Totality of being is the ocean of consciousness ,
To awaken deep inside is to touch the core with kindness.

Seeing with clarity is to see beauty with open mind,
Then choiceless decision comes free from hearsay,
The complete picture of faith in love is sublime,
Free from all norms of prejudiced preface.

There is constant creative energy emerging,
The ecstatic urgency to new horizons exploring,
All shades of despair disappears with togetherness,
Lush green serenity blossoms with fragrance.

When complications of information is not based on second hand,
When weaving or tapestry of life is accepted as simple band,
Then an oasis of love awakens with awareness of being,
The desert of hearts is resplendent blissful living.


JYOTIRMAYA  THAKUR  is an Indian  poetess and writer.she is a retired  vice Principal  of  an International  school. She is a creative  writer  at few poetic  forums and a freelance  writer,administration of nearly  ten poetic  forums,national and international. A member of jury  and presides as judge in English  Co curricular  activities. She worked  as Editor  in chief of school  magazines, ‘Srijan ‘ and ‘Reflections ‘.She had published  articles and poems in English  and Hindi magazines and international anthologies  and websites. A book -REALITY OF RHYTHMS has been  published as e-book available  on and hard copy will be available  soon. Jyotirmaya  holds certificates for excellence  in performance  and contributions from  various poetic forums,nearly 10 emerald medals,25 platinum medals,45 gold medals  and 25 designations for icon of artistry of literature. The co editor of  Anthology on Women,Whims and Fancies of My books Publications. She is a coach and counsellor of tribal, rural impoverished children.She lives in UK with her family in Kent,but also has ancestral home in India,mother tongue is hindi also the national language of India.

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