Friday, September 1, 2017




How do you feel I am in the love
Mean while you are so far away from my side
Whenever thy love speaks always
But you wish to reject it
As well as my heart never comes up to climb
The trees with beautiful fruits
All nights thy heart travels for the love
Whom i pay attention to
And you are one of them
Looks like a flower on the tree
That never i cut it thyself
But surely for the sake of lives
Never the promise to break down
As much as i think
Since then i try and try again
To contact ,because of the love i praise
To bring paradise with a strong image
For the love i have not betrayed
But if it is so,let me come to open the window of love
Because it is my dream for the whole life


Never I dismiss You
For I come to pray all days and nights
I wish your paradise to stay
To run the lives from now up to then
You are the saver of lives
Whereas the creatures be humble to praise
And the nature created is the truth existing
As the witnesses for all
To see from the earth up to the sky
No one is able to think
It is the fact of Majestic
Then can't be concealed wherever it is
From the holy books, the message be urged
And really man is to feel safety
To prevent them from the hell sparkling
And to run the lives in the heaven provided
Let God bless for everything
And He is the power of all
Like the sun is to give lightning
And the moon for its lighting
For the man is to thank, not for damaging
If not, the nature will be angry
That's the final outcome to think
That God really shares the love


This world is not cruel for some
That the love is not to come in thy heart

For the snake uses to seduce wherever you are
If the heart need is not achieved

How is the love coming in the lives
If the sky does not come to smile

While the earth really be patient to wait
That the man's desire is hot like a fire

To burn down the evil around
Be impossible to resist
Because the need is the factual communion
That the creatures are in the loves

It is natural to grasp like a waterfall
To go down the hill beneath the trees

For the sake of feeling security
If not the night is too dark

Though it is fully occupied by stars
And the night still in dark

With no lighting and the sun lightning
That the lives are dull to run


When the lighting comes
I say the love is for you all

And nobody comes to influence
Because the love is from the inner heart

What i mean the love in a part of thy blood
Never have I dismissed, never i dismiss

From the beginning up to now
That the love is kept well

Be sure of my self that comes up from heart to heart
All days and night,the love reminds me

Until the sea dries,my dear
Never i have changed my attitude

So far i have written down a letter
Saying,you are the lover

Whom i wish to love
And i believe you are the fuel of thy heart

Since none of the flowers i am watering now
As a proof,never i delay much time to gaze

How wonderful the flower i planted
Found beautiful in my garden near the lake

As well as the sun gives brightening
In the night while the moon is not sparkling

That's really urged to state
That the love comes from the heart

No one feels it except
When the flowers on the branch once speaks

To say the love is not for others
But for you as the candle of thy life

Till to die i do not burn myself and commit suicide
Caused by the love i think from now and then

Let see how the moon says
Never the love walks out in the night

When the stars are not having lighting
As a principle of thy lives to stay and respect


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