Friday, September 1, 2017




You were my world
then and now forevermore
with glisten eyes my heart breaks
I had to bid you adieu
the stars predicted you were my mystery
the moon always rejuvenated us
with each kiss, each look,
we had all the promises we needed~

Recalling our awakening dreams
recalling your edged face
recalling your voice of love
you were gone,
wrapped in tears,
that left me stranded on that lone beach of time~

In despair, my heart broken
I hear the door knock
I hear the sound of footfalls
I whisper, "Is that you?"

There you were, looking so handsome
Our festive night, was wonderful
was meaningful, My heart muttered
"I am here, waiting"
not one second more
not one more hour
amist the horde
amist the storm~

I am here for you
waiting, wanting
will you be back
will you be mine
just one more time?

Deborah Brooks Langford@


It was midnight, it was a misty one
the hour came fast and as the world slept,
I couldn't catch my breathmy world would awake in a life of love and freedommaking me glad I am still alive~

It was my moment in time rarely seen in history
rain drops that touch my eyes, as I awaken to my life
as the new day peeps over the horizon~

I glanced outside the window, birds chirping
making me smile, remembering my little ones
that have gone to live their lifes~

This is my place in the Southern Sun
this is my world, my moment
this is my place where the winds idle in victory~

I sit beneath the weeping willow
tears of loneliness sweep over me
is my life over or just getting started?

I let the negative flow away, I choose only happiness
I hope it only chooses me~
This is a place where Our Lord is praised
this is where we sit on our powdered white clouds
as the hazy heat disappears, enveloping me in jasmine
the quiet stillness of the night stills the time as late~

In summer days, when the days are lazy and slow
I have nothing to do and no where to go
I am waiting for life to catch up with me
In my moment and in my place~

Debbie Deborah Brooks Langford @


Someone still loves you ~ don’t you know?
Someone really cares
I wish you would remember
Don't you remember those shy looks of love?

Don't you know the longings
the knowing that was thought your way?
Some one really does care
Some one really does long for your friendship
Your look... your words
Some one needs you right now
Don't you know ?

Don't you remember ?
The feeling
The laughter
Finally it all ended with tears~

Some one really does love you.
Please remember~


DEBORAH BROOKS LANGFORD is an author and Poetess she has published forty-seven books You can find her on and Amazon and Barnes And Noble. She is Vice President and Marketing Director with Susan Joyner Stumpf  President and Founder of WILDFIRE PUBLICATIONS Susan and Deborah have now started their own Wild Fire Publications Magazine. To highlight clients and comrades that highlight Wild Fire.

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