Friday, September 1, 2017




Leaves fall, trees fall
Waves rise, rays shine
All objects follow a fall
In this so called infallible world
In one way or the other
Love also falls
People fall in love too
But my falling is blessing
This falling has uplifted
Not only my soul
But my thought fleet is lifted
I admire this falling
That has awaken heights in me
Salutes sublime!
To this falling- so high
A falling – so sophisticated!!


You and I are inseparable
Two souls solely attached
To each other
Living in different bodies

You and I are
Like tea and cup
Former being poured point blank
Latter cupping the other with care.

You and I are
Life giving drugs
Both insert love injections to
Give longevity to each other.

You and I are
Date and Time
One keeps on changing
At another’s conquering commands.

You and I are
Passing seasons
At times chilled and cheering
At times damp and deadening.

You and I are
Sensitive speaking symbols
No artfulness is there
Amorousness spread everywhere.

You and I are
Elite erotic birds
Flying high fluttering
Their self confident wings of love.

You and I are
Water and its flow
Challenging and chasing each other
But remain in a unison go.

You and I are
Pins of pain
Pricking flesh simultaneously
Pleasing bones for not touching.

You and I are
Tongue and its taste
One rolls to relish
And the other relishes the roll.

You and I are
Pleasure plums
Swallowing each other’s dense pulp
Yet spitting softly the seed of space.

You and I are
Islands incredible to each other
Gazing through our silent shores
Identifying intimate waves of completeness.


That dimple dig of my cheek
Lures too many to leap down deep
Into the sea of seductive softness
To feel some scintillating puffiness
Joy that’s too coy to toy
And encourages to destroy

Will you ever know...?
Anything whiter than my cheek snow
Lay your fair hands on
Before real falls the dawn
As you creep casually out
Spoil my desperately devil doubt

Rub this momentous knot
Allow me another poisonous shot
Soothing every tiny nerve
Ironing each cosy curve
Sign off woolly world’s peaks
Sign in densely cotton cheeks


NEETU VAID SHARMA is a poetess from Jalandhar City, India. Her loving and poetic self loves people irrespective of their class and colour. Assistant Professor in English Literature for a decade, she is an author, poet, French language instructor.  Being a passionate poet, she endeavours to reflect her intimate emotions through her book “PASSIONATE PLEASURE PEARLS”. Her poems chiefly voice never dying love, basic instincts and storm of emotions. occurring unpredictably in the journey of life. She has penned around two hundred poems to her credit.

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