Friday, September 1, 2017




A purple orchid is born to grow.
A wind gets crazy to blow.
I still want to know
what else can flow.
A cloud dies to be snow.
A creaky chair is nothing for a crow.
A creaky door has something to show.
A wind opens it for a dropped straw.
"Who is in"? The wind doesn't know.
A cloud dies to be rain or snow.
Ages find their roads to go.


Moonlit night! The moon hardly cares for me or anyone.
However I look for myself in its pale smile.
Moonlit night! The moon never sits on my forehead to pat my eyes.
The world is a huge hotel for everyone.
Someone is in a shabby hut.
Another one walks on a velvet rug.
The world's illusions are bright or dull.
I have no wings but I let my words fly.
Will they find roads in the sky?
My two legs let me climb or fall.
Have philosophers learned what has been right?
Days and nights rise to ride.
The sky shows me its dark grey moustache.
Moonlit night! Do the world's illusions go to the sky?
The moon and the stars know much.
They don't talk to me as they are shy.


I see you in my dreams,day and night.
The tune of your guitar comes from afar.
The strings of your guitar are stuck in my heart.
Your songs have wings to fly through the sky.
The sky has knelt in your blue eyes' light.
I see you in my dreams,day and night.
I am a broken mirror's shard.
The mirrors of all seas are in your eyes.
The tune of your guitar sounds in my pulse.
Where are you now, in a Liverpool pub?
Are you at the harbour watching the sea gulls?
I sit on a chair looking at a bulb.
I stretch my ears across these long miles.


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