Friday, September 1, 2017




Sweet effusion hidden
Under blooming orchards…
It is YOU in my soul`s mirror
The one I`m looking at
Each time… every time…
The flowers go mad… and it`s so fine…
…with each glimmer occurred
…with each stimulus of my smile
Among thousands of fields and faces
With each breath of my eye`s glance
…I find YOU…
Amongst the sunflower yellow lawns
At sunrise when they fall into the sky
While looking up…
And into the mirror of my soul.
And here… again, they find YOU.

The fragrance of the sun
Lies in each open sunflower
With their each glimmer occurred…
And they always mirror into my eyes...
The eyes that are searching YOU
The eyes that find YOU
The eyes that are now looking at YOU
And the YOU I`m looking at… my Sun risen
Underneath blooming orchards…

©LiterAnART- 09/08/2017


Wings of a million kisses
Arise from the petals
Of my lips.
I`m letting them go
To fly straight to you
And collapse
Onto your sweet Full Moon…
And then the cosmos
Will joyfully fall into place!
…and the Light of the Day
Will meet the Black of the Night
And travel hand in hand
…in petals glued
And stuck in magic mainland…
While their wide open wings…
Emanate the fragrance
Of an imperial encounter…
…and will speak of all things…



we sit by the sun
we sit by the moon
we enjoy the sunrise
and bath in the sunset
we enchant each other
in words and many other...
lovely encounters...
your whispers are so warm
like the sand tickling the skin
your voice is the chant of the universe
we`re like two stars in collision
attached to the earth
and still poetizing in the clouds
the verses of a cosmic bound
there`s no love
more pure than ours,
my darling,
thank you in million ways
...for this story charming



The thought of you
Thunders the earth I step on
The mountains speak to me out loud
Along with the oceans…
That roar at your precious kiss
On my blushing cheeks...
One by one, stars collide
Onto the earth I step on
And they grow trees…
Expanding their roots
Into my very heart…
They speak of love…and its chart.

The thought of you
Sends thunders
Way `till my very soul
Where he starts to grow…again and again
Expand from the flow of your vibe…

Million hearts are born
From the thought of you
With one heart our own…
That`s so beautifully true…

©LiterAnART -10/03/2017


At daybreak
I woke up in tears of joy…
Falling upon my cheeks…
Once again
I got overwhelmed
By this Love…
The bliss of its wild scent
The genuine of its childish play
The maturity of its evolution
Its incredible…
At daybreak
I woke up in tears of joy…
You were there…


ANA (PEN NAME LITERANART) is from Ploiesti city, Romania country. Her native language is Romanian. She has been writing for ten years and she has widely published in her country and abroad, having multiple international collaborations. She is a writer, poetess, journalist, researcher, book editor and translator. She also teaches creative writing workshops and represents the World Poetry Canada association in her country. Together with the association, she is about to publish the textbook “Creative writing 10”- a series of workshops dedicated to literary and journalistic creation and implemented in her country of origin in 2016.

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