Friday, September 1, 2017


sTACIA Lynn reynolds


Her burnt sienna eyes,
Profound and consuming,
Sank deeply into his intense sapphire gaze.
A chasm
No other has permeated
Within the expanse of her soul.

His love…
The depth of her heart
With passionate intensity.
As he gazed…
Into her pure- lucid beauty,
His adoration…
Lured her intensely.
Immense desire,
Encompassed him to…
Take in…
Every exhaled breath.
Marvel upon…
This prodigy of God.
Into her mysterious will.
Himself deep,
Into the cerulean ocean
Of her embrace.

The mesmerizing glances-
At his being,
As the full moon
Its rays upon her auburn hair,
As it slowly…
Swayed with the breeze.

The closeness…
And brushing
Of their skin…
Is brilliant artistry
A plane of emotion no one has reached.

Their steps are firm,
Each planted uniquely
Upon the ground.
Through each steady stride,
Their bodies floated
Off the ground…
Underneath the night sky.

A prayer within his mind,
To the star lit heavens
May this dance never end…


I love you
I miss you
I love to miss you
Though the longing aches
Deep within
Where you have overtaken-
Unfailing love
That overcame fear

Your perfect love
Is without end
An eternal bliss
Found in your kiss
Missed when not close
Though felt in my soul
So close, even when
Far away, So…

I will always love you
I will always miss you
I will always love missing you
I will always long for you
Stacia Lynn


The axis of life rotated;
The trees were barren n naked.
A sweet melody was perceived;
Apparently clear, so I cleaved
Unto warmth not commonly found;
Amidst frigid winter rains, a sound.

I stepped out, embracing life’s turn;
Depletion would no longer burn
Within my soul, where no song rang,
New harmonious tune I sang.
As a pure emotion welled up
Within; protected heart locked up.

Due past love’s cold frigid breeze
Where pain n’ torment never ceased
Finding love and its warm embrace
Promise to hold; finish the race
Blessed by One; two souls now bound
Life’s new journey; heavenly sound.

The Spring blooms, n’ sings our sweet song;
Melody n’ harmony long.
Throughout our many years as one
Knowing our walk, is never alone.
My soul embraces; deepest part
Your passions, closeness, n’ your heart.

I promise to love you until time ends;
Appreciate, respect; never pretend.
My feelings are true; I thank God for you
Rotating axis providing bright hues
Upon two lives, which have become one soul
My promise of love will never grow old.

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