Friday, September 1, 2017




I'll dance naked for you
In the light of July's fire,
I'll burn everything around your body
The magic of our first moment,
I'll meet your fleeting look
And you'll feel the fire break in me.

Abandon yourself to my love game
And approach me slowly,
Caress my hot flames
Dissolve the melting ice,
Like a stream of pure water
Dried out of your tongues of fire.

Do not talk, do not talk about it.
My love, I will challenge the whole world
Interweaving my legs to yours,
Introducing in all my pores
Your smell and your sweet taste.

Between fire and ice
I will make you mine.
Between fire and ice,
Forever mine.


I need poetry,
Broken flesh,
Warm and long hugs
And innocent souls,
Lives against the wind,
True and living love
And wings to fly
Towards lands of fire
That will never be mine.

I need mirrors
To reflect my gold
Invisible to the world,
Which is self-contained.
My delusions: Icons
Shattered by the days,
Useless dreams of glass
Eradicated from me.

I need explosions,
Bites on my breasts
Splinters already sharp
In the bowels of my destiny.

I need love,
The love you gave me,
A few hours of passion,
Intense moments of eternity.


Paint me before the day comes
Before the light illuminates
My thin curves,
Destroying the magic
Of your nocturnal look,
Panting love and tremors
On my moon skin.

Draw melancholy
On your canvas,
Undress me with your velvety eyes
And destroy my heart in love.
I offer myself to you like a red cherry
Ready to receive your teeth.

Do not come closer to me,
I melt with your brush,
You kiss me while you give me light,
You talk to me with your pupils
And you love me while you give me colors.
You want me with your words
That feed, like looks,
My soul in jeopardy.

Sadness is not being able to love you.


ELISABETTA BAGLI was born in Rome in 1970 and lives in Madrid since 2002. She won a degree in Economy and Commerce at the Universitá degli Studi "La Sapienza" in Rome. Having worked as a teacher of Italian as a foreign language at the Booklane Language Academy in Madrid, she now works privately as a teacher of Italian, translator and freelance editor. She is Cultural Ambassador of Universum Academy Switzerland in Spain. She writes poems, short stories and fairy tales. Her poems have been translated into Spanish, English, French, Albanian, Serbian and Greek.  She has worked as director of two editorial collections and as interpreter for Italian writers Paolo Giordano, Elisabetta Flumeri, Gabriella Giacometti and Diego Galdino. She was Vice President of Il Mondo dello Scrittore Association (The Writer’s World Association) of Faenza and Honorary Member of L’Oceano nell’anima Association (The Ocean in the Soul) of Bari. She started writing poems and short stories in 2009 and published her first collection of poems, “Voce” (“Voice”), in 2011. An extended collection with more poems was republished in 2015 by EEE. She has taken part in a number of literary contests and she has won several awards, plaques and certificates in various Poetry Prize Contests. Her books are “Voce” (“Voice”, with its double version in Italian by EEE and in Spanish “Voz” by Ediciones Vitruvio), “Dietro lo sguardo” (“Behind the Gaze”), “Mina, la fatina del lago di cristallo” (“Mina, the Little Fairy of the Crystal Lake”) and “Specchi” (Mirrors). She works together with artists involved in Generando Arte - Colectivo with her poems in Spanish, inspired by their works on gender violence. In September 2014 three of her poems became part of an UNESCO publication related to the international contest “Culture, Power and Violence: STORIES OF WOMEN OF ALL AGES AND COUNTRIES”. Her poems have been selected for a number of anthologies in several Countries. She keeps her personal blog Elisabetta Bagli ( and her promotional blog is Voci letterarie e non solo (Literary Voices and More) ( She actively contributes reviews and interviews to different blogs, among which the network The Writer’s World. She writes for magazines such as the Spanish Digital Magazine of Art and Culture “Letras de Parnaso” and “Proverso” publishing articles in Spanish. She organized The International Literary Festival “Palabra en el Mundo” in May 2016 and May 2017 in Madrid. She also organized, together with the Italian Chamber of Commerce, a child theater lab based on her fairy tale “Mina, la fatina del Lago di Cristallo”, in Passione Italia Festival in Madrid in 2016 and in 2017. She organizes literary presentations in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) and in Italy, and literary contests for the Universum Academy Switzerland and for all the Associations of which she is a member. In May 2017, she was awarded a Diploma of Honor for Artistic Merit Mayte Spínola by the Group Pro Arte y Cultura (ex aequo with Rosa Gallego del Peso) for her poem BNR, inspired in the artwork Cruel Realidad, by Rosa Gallego. All her books were present in the Book Salon of Torino 2014-2015-2016 and in the Book Fair of Madrid 2014-2015-2016.

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