Friday, September 1, 2017




You stupefied me with your amazing entrance,
Your guitar and your magical band,
All together and the bunch of rose in your hand,
The string of it sings of romance,
I couldn’t avoid my glance,
Loved your sunlight,
Loved your rain,
Climbed the stairs of love ,without refrain,
Your brightness erased my strain.
Now I hum for the heavy rain,
My world changed to a new domain,
I laugh over and over again,
Your entrance titillate my veins,
your presence excites and ignite flames,
I wait not now for sunrise or sunset,
Rather fervently I wait for your arrival in my entrance gate,
My doors and windows are open,
For you,
and eyes fixed to the door bell.
My blinks now habituated to your tale,
I sleep finger-crossed,
keeping thousand thoughts in my brain,
Thousand time I dream of you,
Thousand time I find you dashing,
More ravishing and captivating,
Even my weaving's lack to imprint your perfect figurine,
The current which runs in me for you is divine,
I love to live with this …….. in this lifetime.


I formed a lovely world inside me,
My eyes see you smiling inside it,
Every where I move ,from the frost to distant cliff,
I feel you with me,
I want you to know my where about,
I long to hear your voice from the clouds,
The cloud is well aware of my condition,
It knows how deeply I run with your emotion,
So I share my thoughts of you when I am lonely .

Can you guess dear?
If I don’t hear you ,
I am numb,
Your company keeps me alive daylong,
I patiently wait for you in the dusk and dawn,
To take my oxygen to breathe on,
You snatched my sleep ,
Hence I stay awake with your dreams,
Here we sail together to the far-flung firmament,
Ride the earth with enormous strength,
And walk around the globe with in second ,because,
You are the world with in my world.


My little heart caged you,
My two eyes search you,
My words smile with you,
My world is filled with fragrance of you.

I wrap you in my sentences,
I weave you in my verses,
I hide you in my deepest place,
I paint you in through my brushes,
I meet you in my dream hedges.

Together we share some pleasurable moments,
Got attracted to this sweet beverage,
The cup of addiction binds your image in my bosom,
Among the roses you caught my attention,
You reign in my heart ,mind  here blank,
The power of you made me fly,
I hear your voice in dense sky,
You filled my blank space with your adorable impression.


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