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Oh bright star man beloved
upon your visage mine heart has hovered
examined closely the paths you travel
your soul I desire to unravel

depth upon depth draws forth your design
and within a formidable mind
wherever you turn there is success
the things that your hands caress

carefully constructed a life that’s yours
fathomless love of the forests outdoors
and of painting the perpetual shores
having roamed the Irish moors

appreciation for God whom you imitate
fabrication and artifice do you create
always tendering for something new
Love for nature shows in all you do

My heart within has become entwined
upon table of life you’ve richly dined
all those lives that you pass through
can’t be untouched by what is you

in ancient times deemed for courts of Kings
maidens sing of your deeds with tambourines
danced for you would the ladies fair
for each would deign your table to share

Sometimes I think your a little remiss
that they all want softly your lips to kiss
within your presence they wish to stand
that God has designed a glorious man

Do you know oh man , do you reflect
what is your impact and upon those you effect
and lift our souls when upon us you shine
and show us that God’s gifts divine

Like mountainous meadows richly clothed
and habitation wherein creativity abode
a man who dwells by the motherlode
who knows that life is richer than gold

indwelling a man is spiritual fire
the work of his hands shows inner desire
embrace the gifts that Father does give
to show wherein your loves do live

God would gift you even more
because for him your heart did bore
to receive those that he would gift
you must your eyes to Father lift
COPYRIGHT © 2009 C Michael Miller
Via Duboff Law Group LLC


Have you seen the man whom my soul loves
does spring boundless like the antelopes afield
whose consumations thus give to herds their yield
like lightly soars in thermals flocks of doves

The strength of pillars in the sinews of his limbs
so skillfully lifts the music of his hands
gathers those who so listen from their stands
and bring pleasures where he whose talents spends

I had searched the mountainous valley’s long ago
to find a soul whose depth as rich as he
so many I had scanned though did not see
the like of him in any people I did know

Thus to my chambers I would him chance
but he would have to leave the fields flocks
exclusive is the devotion behind doors locks
or partake the tables spread in harlots dance

To waltz like winged bird upon the wind
whose unseen direction comes from whence
and depth of feelings that make not sense
didst this emotion upon mine heart descend

Tis now two years I have you letters sent
to give mine thoughts you by song I sing
that you might understand like bird on wing
the nature of the truth in word now lent

From the depths of what is true these words now formed
whose intent to be like rain upon the fields of grass
that might turn attention to so unbeautious of lass
whose God has these feelings within adorned

So has long in word have emptied out her soul
that he might read and see what is her past
so fashion to his reason and understanding cast
thus the secret person within might come to know

Could he not know that every word was given voice
to paint a picture of what is of Love and True
a gift wrapped like music in a tonal hue
that he might clearly see and make a choice

Thus seen like wisps of clouds in boundless sky
whose movements formed by mists and winds
invisible from where all courses begot sends
and by word have fully fashioned what is I
COPYRIGHT © 2011 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


Who is he who skips the mountains crest
and in the forest takes his play
who wanders flowering meadows blest
and paints her majestic peaks by day

Who roars like a bear emerging from his den
rises from the sun rays shadow
and walks within the misty glen

He casts his pigment panegyric to adorn
to the art of beauty has his soul he’s sworn

Plaited music to the rising hills
and lack of virtue does lament
insinuates the want of justice
in images our minds can print

He bubbles forth like fountains
which escapes the rocky cleft
one cannot ignore his passing's
without him our cores bereft

Thought frightening his acquired skills
he’s hidden his gems within
so blinding is his casing
the breadth of imagination there begin

Who is he who opens his hands
to show the colors of his world
whose arms are the strength of captains
where the banners lay unfurled

So casts his umbra like a rainbows wake
through the veil of his heart does life partake

And madden hearts of maidens
blazed the trails of his quest
in rich diversity is he laden
what is his name , have you guessed

Some have named him legend
and to his core he’s prime
he’s entertained the multitudes
deep is the well of captured mind

I put forth the question
where can his like be found
his grace upon inspection
and in it’s wax be drown

The edges of his borders
are not yet mapped and plain
for he has concealed traits
he has buried deep within

He seems not to understand
the skills he’s left untapped
another side that’s left alone
within it’s fear is capped

So in my words I’ve framed him
a lesser picture of his soul
I counted him among the men
where women's hearts have been made whole
COPYRIGHT © 2010 C. Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC


You are tall and strong

my love

Like the ancient redwoods

among the trees              of the forest

Living     tender         and green

filled with the           sap of life

Your shadow        wherein I stand

does protect                 from the heat of life

Let me dwell under                 your branches

my love

draw from your vigor

take my nourishment from your

covering boughs

let me lie            beneath your

towering arms

Allow please me to draw

from the power               of your stability

among the trees      of the forest

my love

Protect me from the showers

the rain , snow , and droughts

of life

Let me look upon you              with respect

and admiration

You are outstanding

among the trees of the forest

my love

via Duboff Law Group LLC

C. MICHAEL MILLER (Poetry of Providence): Voracious reader, loves ancient Historians and tracing ideology and belief systems, , loves people of every sort even doesn't agree on lifestyle makes for good study and introduction to new ideas that of course must be researched. Profound interest in philosophy, art, science, history, and the great teachers who's words of wisdom have been so deftly passed down in time, complicated  simple, thoughtful, inquisitive, loves the deep woods and all of nature from earth to universe . Research on anything she wants to learn, explores new areas and loves the back roads into the hills, writing and screaming on paper. People watching, inciting others to think

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