Friday, December 1, 2017




In the water world mermaids and mermen live
Romantic life man and woman could not imagine!
Without knowing the value of romance world men
For short time gain destroyed the land by pollution!
After the whole habitat of man has become water world
Merworld feels pity for men and women for their loss!
Mermen and mermaids so search for littered lands available
For remaining humans to survive in romance at least now!
Relinquishing natural life man boasted himself of materialism
And material life deprived him of romantic life to tragedy!
The freedom enjoyed by beasts, birds and fish he lacked long
By destroying all species in exploitation of natural resources!
Instead of following 'live and let live' he followed 'live and let die'
Policy leading him to hell rather than heaven he dreamt long!


Romance of heart grows in imagination to dreams
Bringing fantasy and reality into one to a state of joy
Wonderful to enjoy in life, when nothing solaces heart!

Soldiers of war sacrifice their life to save the world for
Humanity to survive, sustain and succeed in life with
Peace and love forever and ever in the world in prosperity!

Dreams of stranded soldiers when get solaced by fine
Mermaids of world ocean gives a great sense of romance
Reviving heart with new life and spirit to live better ever!

Yet, for the struggle of life, there is no end for it in the world
As long as humanity is under the grip of daunting rogues
Who jeopardize all norms or ethos of mankind by domination!

The inspiring dreams of romance gives respite to breathe well
And fight to establish human sense to survive long with hope!


Romantic life of dream world is joyful to imagine it to be real in life!
Sans romantic ideas there is no imagination, dreams or vision;
Romantic life does not end in old plays, romantic novels or in love stories;
Romance flourishing in dreams and imaginations happen in real life too!

Artistic mind full of romantic ideas and imaginations kindle love poems
And love songs composed and published kindle love towards one sure;
That is the starting point for the birth of romantic love between soul mates
Leading to real romantic love through love poems and letters in life!

What a sea change of life paving the way to dream world of love in reality!
Many have enjoyed as in love plays love in real life as romantic lovers;
But love ending in marriage happens by luck of fate none can know;
Comedies and tragedies of romantic love surely inspire all to dream so long!

Where is the end for romantic love in the human world whether
It is successful or not and romance in life drives life ever......?


T A RAMESH : Born on 28th August 1950. After working as an industrialist in Sri Lakshminarayana Industries for 22 years, is occupied with writing poems and essays since 1989 and has become a Writer Publisher at Halo Papers, India publishing books from 1996 onwards; from 2005 he is occupied with publishing his poems and articles on internet; from 2005 on he has become a world website poetry writer. He has written about 92 English Books such as novel, short stories, non-fiction ones and poetry books. Achievement Awards: He is honoured with Best English Book Author Award by Sourashtra Community Welfare Chamber in 2005, elected as Poet of the Year 2010 for his fine philosophic poetry by the readers of , honoured as Best Writer in English with Sourashtrian Achievers Award  by BVK-SITCON committee at Madurai in 2013, also honoured with a prize of $250 for winning in Poetry Contest in September 2013. Anthologies and Videos: Further his  poems are published in Poetry Anthologies like The Enchanting Verses International and Conifers Call magazine and Fiesta of Love (Songs of Loving Hearts) and his poems such as Colourful Flowers (2009) and Water of Life (2009) are released as Poetry Videos on and  He is also honoured with the publication of poems in Romanian language in 2014 in Geneza Visurilor, an Anthology of International Poetry. From 2015 on his poems are published in Our Poetry Archive for the promotion of world peace and unity against racism and terrorism and also from 2016 on his poems are published in Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry website! Country of Origin: INDIA; Mother Tongue: Sourashtra; Nationality: Indian; Place of Living: Pondicherry.

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