Friday, December 1, 2017




I have big shoulders that bend
under shots of others inconclusiveness,
I have strong legs
Which go along lonely paths,
I have sewed and rattwecked my heart
one thousand times,
I have an acute mind that fades
Of anger in front of you.
I hate the sly,
The latent and obvious ambiguity,
I hate the silence convict
And accomplice of the payoff.
I have these limits
That I am astonished,
I do not fit
To this my envy.


Three blue roses
Three times the cock will sing
And three times you will deny me.
I’ll give you three roses
One for every chance.
Your thorns push your onsciousness.
Let the velvet petals move
That arid heart.
the scent of the flowers
It will make you to forget anything.
Only a total amnesia will give us serenity.
Petals of blue roses
three blue roses’ petals
Three petals of a rose
And wonder Who are you?


Alone on the
arid and hot sand
No drop that
waters it,
This is us,
You whispered slowly.
Give me the ash
That alone I will cover my head.
Go away,
Without crutches
I will walk.


CLAUDIA PICCINNO  was born in the south of Italy in1970, but she moved very young in the north of Italy where she currently lives and where she teaches in a primary school,  she is scholastic referent land for education at reading. Operating in more than seventy anthologies, she’s a former member of the jury in many national and international literary prizes. She has published “La sfinge e il pierrot”, Aletti Editore, 2011. “Potando l’euforbia” in Transiti Diversi, Rupe Mutevole Edizioni, 2012. “Il soffitto, cortometraggi d’altrove”, La Lettera Scarlatta Edizioni, 2013. Ragnatele Cremisi”- La Lettera Scarlatta Edizioni, settembre 2015. “Ipotetico approdo”  versione bilingue italiano- inglese Mediagraph edizioni, ottobre 2017 . With english version also “Il soffitto, cortometraggi d’altrove” La Lettera Scarlatta Edizioni maggio 2014. - in serbian language “Tabahnha” ed.Majdah luglio 2014. In turkish language Tavan Baska Yerlerdeki Kisa Filmier,Artshop, Istanbul 2016. In Serbian language  “Grimizna Paucina” Alma editore, Belgrado, ottobre 2017. She is author foreground with effect in June 2015 in the World Group Pentasi B, and In Oup archives international since May 2016, she works to promote poetry based on respect and appreciation of differences, she fights to prevent gender predjudices. She has received awards in major national and international competitions of poetry, including an honorable mention in the Paris 1st Word Literary Prize and a 3rd prize in Lugano, Switzerland, 3rd prize in Albania; She has been the first italian poetess to be awarded with The Stelae of Rosetta, World Literary Prize in Istanbul on November 2016. She was conferred with the most prestigious award “World icon for peace” for Wip in Ondo city, Nigeria, on April 2017. She was special guest for Europe at FemininIstanbul festival in October 2017. She was special guest at Belgrado Book Fair and at Matica,29 October 2017. Her poem "In Blue" is played on a majolica stele posted on the seafront in Santa Caterina di Nardo (Le). On June 2016, she was art director in an art & poetry international exhibition called June in Italy. She is italian editor for the international literary magazine Rosetta World Literatura in Turkey  and for  Atunis Magazine in Albania. She has also written numerous  critical essays or prefaces about other poets’ books. She has translated from English into italian language lots of authors.


  1. Dear Poet Claudia Piccino, Your words as I reflect on them, remind me of Holiness. My favorite is "Three Blue Roses", as "three times the cock will sing/and three times you will deny me. As it was Judas who did so in the bible. Yet, Jesus already knew. You are a very gifted Poet! My great grandparents immigrated from Northern Italy in 1914, to the U.S. The "Veneto" region. My mother carries only Italian blood, and yet I am also of German descent from my father's side. I love your words. So glad to read your works. So intense, with undertones of religion, as that is my interpretation. Beautiful !

  2. thank you dear Barbara, I've read only now. You are welcome :-)