Friday, December 1, 2017




I got rid of old knee-high boots
they were completely ruined
when I was turning the key at the door lock
it shined on me
I was wearing these shoes
on the day I met You

I’m coming back
I need to have them back
put them in frames for You when You’re gone
in the middle of the road I’m turning back
no! I must have them back
lost and confused I fall down on the grass

I’m crying
my heart calms down
he didn’t even touch them
on the shelf a pair of green jeans
a T-shirt with a daisy
I was wearing them when he cuddled me for the last time


Dear Odd One,

I’m writing to invite You
to my little house in the tree.
I want you to comfort
me with your smile,
your mouth and say
something to me
… or just to anybody
(close enough for me to hear)
This may be just one day trip
(I know you are terribly overworked)
and I will bribe the Sun
not to let the Moon appear in the sky
for two days and nights at least.
perhaps if I smile really nice,
it will make an exception for me.
(it surely knows what love is)!
I gave away quite by coincidence
… although I don’t believe in coincidences.
but I do not know what you think about it.
I did not have a chance to ask you.
Hoping that someday
there will be a good occasion to show you this letter

All Yours - want You or not
(as I’m lost myself)
the Even One


obscured and hooded
hidden between fingers
covered and veiled

I feel like
you fall in me
breath slows heart beats slower

I look at closed eye lids
pupils move behind them

I will enchant them with my hands
to make them bring You only these good dreams

AGATA LINEK comes from Stalowa Wola. A poet, prose writer, animator of culture, editor of volumes, reviewer of poetry, drama critic, copywriter, Carer of the Poetry at Artefakty Literary Portal. A holder of four degrees at the Jagiellonian University, where she is currently writing her PhD dissertation. A member of the Literary Group “Phoenix”, the Literary Association “Witryna”, the Polish Authors Association and Association of Polish Writers. She made her debut in 2002. She published in Polsnd, USA, India, Australia, Slovakia, Ukraine. Her poems were translated into Slovak, English and Russian. They were also presented in the Polish Radio. She published four poetry collections: “Are You an Elf?” (2006, the Award of Rzeszów Association of Polish Writers for Podkarpackie Province Debut), „Laugh of a Night Butterfly” (2010), “Singing of a Dolphin” (2012) and “Whisper of a Puma” (2015, Polish-English version, “Pine’s Twig” Stalowa Wola City Literary Award, nominated to “Gold Rose” Literary Award and to “Orpheus 2016” K.I. Galczynski’s Poetry Award).

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