Friday, December 1, 2017




Somewhere between the lines
I discover the flow of the universe
The core of the human nature
The speech of all serenades…
The nucleus of our bond
That I am so extremely fond of…
I love you enormously…
Is the cosmos speaking
Through out this feeling
Of ripeness…
Of greateness...
I love you infinitely…
...while flying at midnight
Under the lighting moon
...while painting rainbows
From under the heat of the savanna…
...while drinking the fresh water
Of these burning soils…
...while staring at you
From the inside out…
From this striking layout...

An open book unveils before my eyes
A wild journey
Into the beauty of your soul...
Of your love core...

An open book unveils before my eyes
This flower blooming
At the enchantment of love`s fragrance
Its unique radiance...

An open book unveils before my eyes
This river of wisdom
That floods from the waters
Of inner secrecy
And private encounters…
We are the treasure founders…
I love you enormously…
I always did
©LiterAnART- 07/11/2017


Yesterday I moved my books
Up to a new shelf.
All of a sudden
Each book became new
Like a snake changing its skin.
I took a closer look
And imagined my books
In fresher cover,
New and exciting content,
New beginnings and exciting ends…

I think I now intend to change…
All of the contents, the covers, the characters…

Don`t you want to help me
REfresh this library? …


Return to my naked beats
And put a spell on them
`Cause they have gone mad
In their unstoppable movement…
They have slowly burned me into ashes
Got red in anticipated flames…
Talk to my naked beats
Chill them down a bit
Tell them stories of calmness
Right where the mind
Can keep up with reality.
Can focus on present moments...
Scream to my naked beats.
Send them entirely new love notes
Of cheerful stories to be told.
Enchant them with such playful games
But do not feed them
With this passion any longer…
`Cause they have burned my inner organs
Each time your thoughts splendor
In imagery, in fantasy …
Better sing them lullabies
And put them at sleep a bit…
A bit more… until you come along
And settle them down to earth.
In my secret mind room
I made you my king and my bloom…


ANA-LUCRETIA NEDELCU: (pen name LiterAnART) is from Romania, Eastern Europe. She has been writing for ten years and she has widely published in her country and abroad, having multiple international collaborations. She is a writer, poetess, journalist, researcher, book editor and translator. She also teaches creative writing workshops and represents the World Poetry Canada association in her country. Together with the association, she is about to publish the textbook “Creative writing 10”- a series of workshops dedicated to literary and journalistic creation and implemented in her country of origin last year.

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