Friday, December 1, 2017




Little by little hand in hand
O my love ! Let's go to the dreamland .

Where you are the only man
I'm your beloved woman !

Arm in arm, let me feel your
Redolent charm .

Let me feel you are the
"Prince Of Wales "
and am your "Princess Royal"
Let's make our love forever loyal !

O dear let me sing a canorous song
Our love is beyond any right or wrong!

Let's make every moment prink
From my rosy lips let your lips drink  !

Hold me tight in your hand
Let's make a castle on the sand  .

O cruel time !Please stop here
Let me live with my dream forever  !
Sumana Bhattacharjee


My eyes are paintbrush
You are my featured paint ,
In the empty canvas of my  life
Draw your picture my mind-saint.

Let me be the reason of your smile
O my midnight dream fluffy,
Let me colour your fervent lips
I want to see you happy  !

Come down from my imagery
I want to have you as a reality .
Let my lips touch your forehead
You are the best picture I have ever made  .
Sumana Bhattacharjee
Date -6/7/2017


Many a time I told you
The world is not like that
As it seems to you .

Some feelings are like
In a foggy morning
On the green grass
Some drops of dew !

In a dazzling starry night
So many seems dear and near to you
But in a scorching sunny day
Friends seems only a few .

Only handful of hearts are there
Who really care for you .
Its not easy to say
I'm in love with you .

Your alluring face ,full of grace
When no longer be enough to impress
By and by ,day by day
When all your hair will turn in grey _

Only a few hands will be there
For you to pray ,

Then in a lone evening
Holding your wizen hands
My weepy eyes will say ,

Through my entire life
What I wanted to say !


SUMANA BHATTACHARJEE  is a published English  poetry writer from India . She born and brought up in city Kolkata . She belongs to a family of teachers . She has graduated with honours in literature  under Calcutta University. She has a keen interest  in music ,poetry and drama although  poetry is her ultimate  passion . She is founder of one poetry group and admin of three poetry groups . Her poems has been published in several national and international anthologies , blog,magazines and journals. Her poems has been translated in Spanish and Bengali . She looking forward to publish more book of poems in near future and she she will love to contribute much more in poet world until her last breathe .

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