Friday, December 1, 2017




A period of time; suffocating
Darkness; squeezed n’ consumed in thickened mire
A misconstrued, deluded, dark molding
Therefore, perceived within, hardening in fire
A place of loneliness and confusion.
Lost on a past road of sinful nature
Failed ethics n’ demoralization
Far from grace, and life once holy and pure.
A form- gruesome; afar questionable:
Disembodied, shadowing spiritual state
Decisions exploding the inner mold
Screaming; no uttered word can find its escape
Falling, upon tattered and bruised knees.
Looking skyward, heavenly peace; searches
Crying out from deep within; tormenting pleas
A vision, of the cross- his hand reaches
A familiar feeling washing over
Of unconditional love; Lost now found
Refuge know; under his protective cover
Leaning not upon own strength; A mind now sound.
Acceptance again found in heaven above
Lost; Found within the arms of The First Love.


Eye to Eye
Mind to Mind
To grasp a deeper
Part of understanding.
Eye to Eye
Heart to heart
Meanings are profound,
Compared to mere simplicity.
Eye to eye
Soul to soul
The beauty of intelligence,
And esteem of thought.
Eye to eye
Touched to relish
Moonstruck by actual
Exquisite perception.
Eye to eye
Courtesy to notice
The extraordinary worthiness
Of intellectual ingenuity.
Eye to Eye
Being to Being
Illuminated perception
Of passion captured
From mind- to heart- to soul and thought
Eye to eye


A walk through the woods
A sweet gentle breeze
Seems this point in time
Will never seize

Hand in hand
As sun beams
Peek through
In between branches
Of bending
And reaching

Beams of light
Warm our face.
Hand in hand
An embrace
Into love, eternal bond
To cherish an unbroken walk.

A walk
Embarked on
Various trails
And extraordinary
Ups- downs- turns- curves.
Through the course
Or unknown odysseys,
The same sunlight beam shines down
Through bending
And reaching
Of the trees.

A tender breeze continues
Through the walk in the woods
And captures what will always be
A beauty perceived
To be
The beauty of you and me.


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  1. Poet Stacia, "First Love" took me by suprise. Expecting a "first Love"...can be as "perennial as the grass"* (*Max Eherman, from the Desiderata). I thought it was beautiful. As "The Walk" many conversations, words shared through our steps in nature. Love can grow from many shared words, shared steps. Only sometimes you don't know "when" or "how"? Enjoyed your Poems !


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