Friday, December 1, 2017




Love begins like a tiny drop
falling from a leaf
it’s a spark you never
knew lived in you
coming alive for the
first time as a newborn
as open and raw as a baby
eager to push forward
and its energy increases
pulsing through your body
and brain flicking switches
you never thought you had
as it flies merrily around
and sprinkles sparkles in
your heart that radiate
to all parts through your
veins and arteries they
course until they reach
your mouth and you smile
and yearn for your lover’s
smile and linger on the
thought of those lips
covering yours and your
body doesn’t behave
it keeps pushing for
more and more touches
and those sparkles leap
into your eyes when you
see your lover and your
eyes refuse to leave
your lover’s face for
fear of never seeing
it again for love has
the mind of a toddler
and must be fed until
you are so filled to
the brim with desire
and sparkles fly
everywhere as you
feel the sap as if you were
touched by magic and
suddenly transformed into
an all-consuming creature
eager for only one thing
your lover and their touch

Copyright 2016 by Barbara Ehrentreu
Originally published in You’ll Probably Forget Me: Living With and Without Hal


No one prepared me for
The moment when all reason
flew away and logic dissolved
A wanton unknown girl
emerged as your lips touched mine
and your mouth formed an allegiance
as mine surrendered engulfed by
those two soft soldiers who
pressed their flesh onto my soul

I knew when you held me close
and I wanted to melt into you,
this was destiny
planting its mark on my lips.

Copyright 2016 by Barbara Ehrentreu
Originally published in: You’ll Probably Forget Me: Living With and Without Hal


Love is amorphous
envelopes you in its
tantalizing net and
captures you until
all you were before
has disappeared and
you are reborn as a
loved one and a lover
your mind like a trained pointer
honed on the one you love
and you are a vessel
carrying that lovearound with you
doling itout moment to moment
as if it were a precious commodity
meant to be secreted away
in a safe place
and sprinkled
ever so gently
over the one you love
and you continue in
this fashion until
oneday he is taken from you
and you explode
the love flows everywhere
and you know you no longer
need to hold onto this love
for your loved one can
no longer feel your touch
yet it spreads overall
and seeps into your life
in memories fashioned
from the remnants of the love
youonce held inside of you
memories that keep you
close in his arms
in a phantom hug
with rememberedtenderness
and you feel it
as if you were still
in yourlover’s arms
and he were holding you tight
instead of the transparency of the dream

copyright 2015 by Barbara Ehrentreu


My soul sought your heart and soared
when your lips brushed mine briefly
A moment divine as souls entwined
Beginning our dance of love

My soul soared to your heartstrings
lost in the wonder of you
that moment sublime for all time
Beyond the distance of years

My soul leaped into your life
Eager for the adventure
Unsure of the ride melting inside
We careened in a wild scene

Now my soul lies in pieces
and you are no longer here
Away from me under the sea
And memories linger long

Copyright 2016 by Barbara Ehrentreu


BARBARA EHRENTREU : A retired teacher with a Masters degree in Reading and Writing K-12 and seventeen years of teaching experience lives with her family in Stamford, Connecticut. She has been a Staff Editor for 4RV Publications for six years. She has edited both children’s and adult works. Her young adult novels:If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor and After are published by MuseItUp Publishing. A poetry book in memory to her husband: You’ll Probably Forget Me: Living With and Without Hal was published by Wildfire Publications. Her romantic short screenplay won First Prize and Runner Up this summer at film festivals.

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