Friday, December 1, 2017




I ring your bell then I sleep
On the cold white marble floor
Outside your locked bolted door
When you dream please look for me
I’m glowing in your starlight
I’m prancing in your moonlight
When you dream

Crying in the afterglow
Huddled in the cool moon glow
There you can always find me
Somewhere within your mind’s scape
Sitting high upon your tree
Then strolling through your landscape
When you dream

When you’re in deepest slumber
Your footsteps have no numbers
Your thoughts have no presumptions
Just Spirit and resumption
Your mind is truly opened
My words must not encumber
When you dream
Copyright Dennis John Ferado


My imagination is just around the corner
Can’t find my dream if I’m living in fear
And so I hang on and file in my dockets
Can’t let it slip through my fingers
I have never had the likes of this before
It’s not the target that teaches the lessons
It’s the road traveled where lessons are learned
Paragraphs of pain etched in the heart
How we always hurt the ones we love the most
Fatigue fills the eyes and I hear the darkness whispering
I was someone brought up eating pebbles & stones
All my life I have been drowning in two gifts
Music, the balm of the confused—books the lubricant of the mind
They have pulled me back from the edge of an unending fall

With only the touch of a breeze I’ve installed myself in eternity
Then the sun began to invade through the gloaming windows of my mind.
So foreign yet familiar and ever so bleak

As I am overcome by the spirit of murkiness
And my eyes become high-beams of madness
The odor of hope mingles around me
Like a slap across the face as hard as truth
I must quench the drought that you carry inside

Bound to one another in a priceless union
Through the grandness of the dayspring

I wrestled with the cold winds throbbing in my bosom
Through every vein and hair and cell I hear a voice
As the shadows decrease on the tree of truth
And the leaves of hope are drenched by the bright sun

I can see you
Copyright Dennis John Ferado


While I was walking through the wood one night
I thought I heard somebody call my name
I saw no one so I kept on my flight
Though I knew I would never be the same

I looked ‘round saw a flower crying out
I bent over and gazed into its heart
She spoke:  “I love you, I will be devout.
You can protect me and be my jambart

“You can’t pick me for then my heart will die
But each day you can come and talk to me
Bring me water smell my perfume and sigh.”
Overcome by these words she spoke to me

I bless the day I gave to her my soul
A flower spoke to me and made me whole

Copyright Dennis John Ferado

Jambart or Jambeau is a small piece of armor


DENNISS JOHN FERADO has been a doorman, concierge, exterminator, taxi driver, truck driver, construction (Iron) worker), actor, model, astrologer, antique store owner.  He and his wife had their own business selling rare books from 1993 to 2013. Born and raised in New York City, Dennis has writing songs and poetry since he was 15. He has also written a screenplay, with 17 original songs called “New York City Song” which is tucked away in his closet, and a two act stage play that had a showing in an off off Broadway theater in 1991.  The city has been his pain, joy, confusion, stability and inspiration.  He retired in 2013 and moved to San Antonio, Texas where he finally had time to put his first book together. Published in October 2014. “Time On Hand” collects 80 songs and poems, 2 short stories with 16 vintage photographs. He is just finishing his memoir.

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