Friday, December 1, 2017




She is sweet like honey
Brings smiles to
Everyone's eyes
She is an angel
Spreading love and peace
She sings and dance
Happy is she
Marvellous creation of God
A little princess
Adore and love her
Feel  her angelic heart
Playing with kittens
Feeding from her bowl
Often petting n kissing
She will be a women
In few years time
Don't neglect her growth
Mental and physical
Don't hurry her with
Marriage to anyone comes by
Think, pause and ponder
Before you give her away !
She is an angel
She has curing powers
In her little heart
Which is full of love
And innocence !
Help her grow
Into a beautiful woman
Who will lead our nation
One day !
©® Sarala Balachandran


Away from the hustle bustle
My mind is travelling in a far away land
Soaring high flapping my wings
Looking down for a corner
Where love can blossom
With natures bounty
Hills n mountains
Brooks n streams
Chirping birds
Call of the wild
Sunshine on me
Lifting my mood so high !
Will you be by my side?
Enjoying every bit of
The beauty of nature ?
In a small mud hut
I will sit down
On the floor
You by my side
With my paper n pen
Looking at the sky
I will pen down a
Beautiful poem
For you and me
Alone !
©® Sarala Balachandran


Oh my love
From the time you left me
On that rainy night
I have nothing in my heart
Except you
Day and night
Thinking of you
Your first kiss
Which left me numb
Your body warmth
Holding me tight
Even now
Our passionate embrace
Drowning me in that lovely sensation
Of flaming desire
Like a forest on fire
We both lay in the warmth
Of our love
Throughout night
Cuddling each other
Your kisses warm n loving
Two bodies in embrace
Your hands caressing
My youthful bosom
And my hands stroking
Your hairy chest
Oh how I wished
That night never ended
Both of us drowning
In that fiery passion
So divine and blissful !

Sarala Balachandran

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  1. Dearest Poet Sarala, Your first Poem, "The Angel..." hit me with sweet memories of when I was raising my two little girls. The time goes by so fast. I remember now, that it was the best part of my life, their "sweetness", and reading to their hungry minds at least three stories a night after their baths. Yes, your writing is endearing and Passionate. Congratulations !