Monday, January 1, 2018




So again this time is here
-it's the beginning of a new year,
and so many persons are about to say:
"I'm going to change - in a whole new way!"

I just try to continue where I go
because somehow I really know,
taking one step after another I'll be going slow
-but certainly during this time I might grow

I think that if I'm doing this,
I might be doing just my part:
If we all worked together, it would be a bliss
-this way, it is at least a start

For this world could be a better place,
without many troubles that we now  have to face
-for each person, no matter what race:
Every human should be able to live in grace

I try to change the way I live,
trying to find new ways to give,
thinking how many things still need to change
-how many things I already could rearrange

We can live in a way that's kind
-not pretending anymore that we are blind:
There are so many things that we could find,
as long as we keep our nature in our mind

We need to include nature to find our way back
-there are still so many things that we really lack:
For destruction of  nature there’s  a price too high to pay,
so we need to protect it - starting today

We need to include our hearts in what we do,
so our hearts can help to guide us through
There are so many who still don't have a clue
-I wish they'd realize earth can be beautiful - for me and you


This is a world into which I don't belong
-each day I feel that there is so much that is wrong…
Each time I try to make a change
everyone acts like I'm the one who's strange,
though there is nothing wrong with what I do
-but somehow noone really has a clue

This world could be so different - this I know,
I just wish that I had some chance to make it show,
for the world right now doesn't feel like a home to me:
There is so much to be done - and not everyone would agree…
When I look around I so often really get sad,
when I see what happens I start to feel very bad…

I would like to show how this world could be,
I would love to show everyone the things that I see:
How everyone starts to live healthier than before,
how changes appear - changes deep inside our core,
how much possible good would be able to get done
-simply because love starts to reign - hate would be gone

Can you imagine more plants, space and air?
Why do humans act like they don't even care?
Don't they understand that there are grave problems to face?
I don't only believe, I know this world could be a better place…
Don't they see we could do so much better than this,
without anything important that we'd have to miss?

We could do something about nature and environment
-there isn't even much money that needs to be spent:
We only need to change the way we eat…
We harm ourselves, our planet if we keep on eating animal products or meat!
Do you really think we have to keep doing this all the time through?
I think I found a better way - do you think so can you?


Just in case that you don't know
what you should be thankful for:
There are some things I'd like to show
that maybe you shouldn't ignore

For one - that you woke up today,
that you didn't die tonight
even if you have to say
that many things just don't go right

There are your friends and family,
thepersons that usually are around:
There are other good places where they could be
but it's with you where they can be found

You might think that you're alone,
but there are persons that are there:
You certainly are not on your own
because these persons really care

There is good food for you to eat,
you also have a place to live…
Even if it doesn't sweep you off your feet,
you might have enough to give

You had so many opportunities to learn:
There were experiences that you made,
you might have a goal for which you yearn…
Precious memories that shouldn't fade

You can be thankful for each joy,
even for all the things that went wrong:
The times you went through didn't really destroy;
instead they made you wiser and more strong

Even if there's something you might miss,
though there are bad times you went through,
I feel that each day really is a bliss
Because they formed my favorite person - who is you


If you want to start something new,
first try to find out who you are:
At times you might not have a clue,
but from the truth you might be far

Try to take a look inside:
There's nothing that you have to hide
-just don't think you have to be perfect,
for that's nothing anyone else really would expect

Try to see the good sides of you:
Strengthen these sides, something joyful to do,
‘causethis weakens the less good parts, too,
for to yourself, you should be true

If you want a good way to go on,
try to find out where you're coming from
Imagine the things you want to get done,
try to figure out how to achieve to do at least some…

For I'd like you to be happy as could be,
believing that if you could just see
what can be done if you follow your heart,
this would cause a good feeling - a good way to start

You don't always have to be right,
there isn't even a reason to fight
-just don't lose your goals out of sight:
Always remember to keep following your inner light

If you make mistakes don't be sad
for these are lessons you might have to learn
it shouldn't make you feel too bad
for they help you reach the goal for which you yearn

If you keep being right all the time through,
there might be a lot of which you don't have a clue:
You might get so self-assured you don't watch where you go
-this might make you lose the way before you even know

Stay humble and be the person you want to be
-it's not important what other people might get to see:
Open your eyes, have faith - this might set something free…
I'm happy to understand the person better that you already are to me


BRITTA HOFFMANN was born 1970 in Germany, she lives close to Bremen. Her mother tongue is german – as is her nationality. She left school in 1989, and got married in 1991. She has 3 daughters. She started to write poetry in 2002.

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