Monday, January 1, 2018




Walking along the silence, made of sorrow and regrets
Illuminated by the full moon’s light where the sun sets

I listened to the wind…shaking the leaves of from the tree
Slowly touch my face as if I felt the warm summer breeze

Along this silent path I do walk, counting stars that fill the sky
My breath deepens, drowning in the noise of a loneliness cry

The heart’s hold on in silent screams, searching for affection
The eye no longer sees the light’s of hope to show direction

Suddenly a random thought like a roar that I cannot explain
Knocked in my mind’s door, accompanying me in silent pain

Deep is the pain, walking through to through inside my soul
Running through my veins, my brain, reflecting me a whole

Then in a whispering voice saying, come be silent with me
Found myself struggle dawn to make sense of this insanity

Walking in this lament of the silent walk
A tear went down I see the droplets soak

The world rolled into my back … then I looked up the sky where the stars meet
I prayed silently to my soul but I no longer hear the faint sound of my heartbeat
I felt my thoughts slow like being asleep, then a voice saying be silent with me
As I was catching teardrops in my empty hand; but they keeps running so deep

As I walk this silent path
I watched my broken feelings that tear up my heart
Felt the sadness marble within shattering my dreams
I walk the lanes under the shadows where words don’t touch my ears


Is all I ever wished, all I dreamed, all what I needed, all I’ve been asked for
Walking in its truth for awhile
Met laughter, sunsets, sunrises, happy surprises that I’ve never seen before

I looked in the sunshine, I scan every single mile
Then I found thousands reasons from hopes and cheers
Hidden behind that smile, felt the meaning of my years

Could last for a moment, but its memory impossible to fade away....SO ETERNAL
No heavy rain would ever rile
It rests the tiring by giving courage to the discourage ones every day..IT’S VERNAL

It cannot be selling, borrowed or either being stole
It’s not made of breaks nor of stones… SHE is your happy place within your soul
It brings happiness, the best sign of a pure friendship
Enriching our hearts with high strength, passion and desire for not being so weak

No one in the world is that rich enough not to need it
Nor too poor enough not to deserve it just a little bit

It’s the cheapest way, the secret CURE of your soul
The most precious thing that EXISTS in this world

With someone who doesn’t have great smile on his lip
It’s the most generous gift ever, helping him to outstrip
All sad things, making him think valuable & worthwhile

Your smile upon your friend TODAY
Could be the reason to smile all the WAY

It’s like give to get, but never forget
One BIG smile for your own health, your wealth and for your FRIENDS
Life is a onetime only, a journey with unexpected surprises with no ends
Shake off the worries; wipe away the tears, the hatred for a better life with no fear or regret

Because your smile was shaped like the best smile made from true colors of rainbow
With its flames that ignite, it never dies no matter how strongly the wind it may blow
And that’s the very best memory of your SMILE, through all time that it’ll only grow
If you start change yourself by creating a world made full of laughs you’d never let go



It’s really quiet, early and late
The sounds of the soul slept soundly until the next dawn
It’s really quiet, trust the wait
Where sun is the first light woken up, the last one down

The hours pass, the shiver fear within shadows of coldness night
When life is quite through with, under its age of unlimited years
Clock ticks’ time by tirelessly, falls into the ringing silence might
Ceasing their beat ticking by leading to a moment rich with peace

Scarlet waters on sunsets
like softened waves calming, relaxing silently into the shore
The moons reflections dances
on the rough grey sea beds like pearl in the realm of sea lore
Listening the
Silenced hidden laughs, silences cries out of fright, silenced whispers
Nothing speaks and nothing talks…in this quietness nothing prospers
Only an intangible tranquility around
Where souls don’t even hear a sound

Like graveyard of stars, surrounded by the constellation of the night sky
Where stars unveils the prettiest sight by the swirling clouds of silver lace up high
By capturing the eyes attention through its mystical white brightly lights
Opening a velvet silk curtain up above between hopes, dreams, hearts and minds

It’s dark and quiet, how amazing this is
Its silence ring so peacefully in my ears

It’s like talking to stars without words
Sit silently and watch when the world
Around you falls in a deepens quiet
It’s so quiet, no footsteps around to speak
Time’s broken into shattered million deaths
…Just after midnight, the sky turned to color red and pink
While her emotional saga painted beauty with lots of ink

Hardly, impossible to capture in an exhibition
How everything is looked upon as a pantheon
...I wish this wonderful moment never did end
... One masterpiece by a pure of nature’s hand

It’s so quiet, really quiet isn’t it?
Nature’s style was a mixture of wit
And I like let myself go in its magic!


IRIDA ZUSI was born in August 17th, 1989 in Lezha, Albania. She graduated with a B.A. on 2011 for Finance-Bank, then M.A. in 2013 for Economic-Finance in European University of Tirana (EUT), branch of Economy. She is an award poetess, writer, translator, a great lover of books and music; songwriter, lyricist that composes melodies of any genre. Above all, poetry and songwriting are her greatest passion of her life, but first she is a Dreamer”. She started to write poetry by the end of September and the beginning of October 2016. Her poems appeared and published in different newspapers, national or international magazines, journals, also in different poetry groups in social network such Facebook. In March 2017 she was a winner in- International Award "Centro Giovani e Poesia-Triuggio" ITALY Special Prize - "Poesia dei Popoli-in memoria di Alfredo Pirola" for the poetry "WINTER". She likes to write about the inner and hidden beauty, nature, the invisible things, the emotional experiences that surround her all the time, the bad and the good ones turning them into beautiful words that express everything in different points of view, situations that change our lives. Inspiration...has always been part of her, the reason where all this started in the first place. Her writings are in her mother tongue (Albanian), in English, Italian, Spanish. Being a songwriter always makes her write with rhyme, rhythm is in her blood and soul. She is deeply in love with foreign languages, as well adores trying new things, discovering new cultures, traveling around the world.

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