Monday, January 1, 2018




On the ashes of time
Life takes new shapes, day n night

Burning desires want
more water to cool down for it's needs n acquires;

Silver sand particles of desert
When get warm due to sun heat
Only then, we realize the worth of
Calm messages of cool breezes;

Life goes on and on in every circumstances,
I feel lucky , that you are holding my hands in every situations!!
Varsha Saran @copyright


Still want that touch
Still want that presence and companionship of yours
I am alone....
And need you, O, stranger !
You are my nothing
But everything
Only an imaginative figure!!
That turned very familiar
Very friendly
During our eye contact
I know only
You can make me feel happy
In my gloomy atmosphere
An atmosphere, created only by me
Or  by my surroundings
Oh,yesevery body is lonely !
With their soul
And I feel your imaginative touch
When you hold my hands tightly
Or I hold your hands
With some broken heart
In my silence
I love you
O, my words!!
Varsha Saran@copyright


Have you ever heard the shriek of a silent person !!
Yell of a quiet road !!
Actually both are similar
One wants it's companion
Which was disappeared for some time
Silent souls wants togetherness
Togetherness of positive thoughts
Togetherness of continuous inner peace
Peace and silence are the two different things!
After fighting with the loneliness ,
That is not physical,
My talks are always related to metaphysical only
Fighting with self ego , self made stress
Get bored
Roads want their own traffic
Without any noisy traffic and passengers!!
No road feel it's soul!!
Varsha Saran@copyright


Where have we reached!!
In the valley of flowers
Is it a dream!!
Or a paradise of love
Where gentle breeze is blowing
And kissing the petals softy
They are dancing on the melodious tune of nature
Waiting for the rain
As pregnant black clouds were about to burst
Knowing nothing
Only to live this precious moment
That is romantic and full with life
They are unacquainted about the future
It could be rain heavily
And damage their beauty
But let them live with
This very lively moments!!


VARSHA SARAN is a homemaker and poetess , writer by passion. She did her post graduation from  ChCharan Sing University Meerut. She is a bilingual poetess and writes in Hindi and English languages. Her many poems have been published in different international Anthologies, magazines, e-zines, news papers , UGC approved international journal n international poetry fest magazines. She is a member of  60 world union groups of poetry. She daily writes poems on fb and her page' Varsha ekSrijan' as she gets quick response of  her readers.  She won many awards in writing. There is a channel on you tube named Varsha Saran ekSrijan..where she recited her poems in her poetry videos.


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