Monday, January 1, 2018

Juanita Garcia Vera



I am a Story Teller
Writing stories of love, truth
Disillusion, pain, sorrow
Happiness and joy
Stories of
Murder and death
The death of Justice
And the murder of Hope
On the pages of time
I have written
The story of Laughter
And tears
The fables of forever after
And White picket fences
That never existed
But in fairytales
The story of lives changed
In a blood thirsty storm
Of darkness and Death
The story of
Apple pie,
And allthings imaginable
And real
Of these, I write
Some good, some bad,
Some happy and some so very sad
Still, I write them
So you can feel
And know we are no different
You and I
When you read the lines
And feel my pain
When you hear my laughter
And laugh without restraint
It is then, we live
I had a dream
To seek
And find humans
With reason
But if you and I
Can find no common ground
How can the World
With its infinite problems
And greed, make peace
When eyes devour wealth
And there is no thought
Of common good
We all die a little
If you and I can dream it
We can make it so
And all those that worship
A golden god
Will be left powerless
And defeated
To become but lifeless corpse of greed
To be fed to vultures in wait
Their Souls stripped
To expose the boney waste
This their legacy
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved JGV 2017


Grief is like a fish
Out of water
Gasping for air,
Choking in tears,
Drowning in sorrow
We fight in its stream
Sinking deep in the pits
Getting stuck in its hollow
Where no one can follow
Slowly you move
To the pain of tomorrow
That keeps lifting the scab
While the salt of your tears
Keeps on salting the wound
That now eats at your Heart
© .Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved … JGV 2016


Why do we speak to corpses
With regret and sorrow ?
Telling them I love you
In the dark and hollow
With a spray of flowers
As if they could see
Or smell them
When we bring them round
Saying I forgive you
To  release the rage
Shed a tear or two
In the pouring rain
When no one is looking
I evade the query
And evasive looks
While alone, I stand
On the hallow ground
Where you quietly rest
While I soak the ground
To release the feelings
Captive long in sleep
All the things I felt
Butcould never speak
Here at last exposed
In  the deafening sound
Of the thundering cloud
And you responded nothing
To the pleading questions
Left alone in silence,
Left alone
On ground
While I seek the answers
That were never found
Why do we speak to corpses?
When the living linger
But hear not a sound

Juanita Garcia Vera
All rights Reserved …JGV

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