Monday, January 1, 2018




I will go where two parallel rivers run,
yet launch my vessel upon the calmer one,
between the straighter shores.

I will go over underwater rocks with ease,
for I will have believed in the power of early Spring rains
that will help the waters rise.
I will be buoyant because I have lightened my load,
discarded what would weigh me down.

And when I must follow a crooked course,
I will float heedful around obstructions,
past stricken, empty ships,
keeping my eyes facing the bow.

I will glide fast, yet true
along the shores of reeds
at open land’s edge,
and spy the glow-worm’s treat
and harken to cicada’s thrum.

I will attend to crooning troubadours along the shore,
whose well-wishing rhythm,
whose rhyme and meter hearten me,
taking me happily forward.

Later, I will listen to my fellow mariners tell stories of glory
and downstream, when I meet other sailors for the first time,
I will extend my hand at the widest part of the river,
for that is where the longest bridge must be built.

(A Sonnet)

A bowl full of luck for New Year’s Day
black-eyed peas steaming off the stove
add a dash of pepper sauce
or maybe some ketchup
It’s a Southern thing
but I can’t
let it


Last year disrobes the grudges and worries
from around its form.
It clothes itself in the robes of Morpheus,
forgetful and forgotten.

The new year, once waiting in slumber,
awakens to the call of Winter’s child,
“Dress in your coat of optimism and promise.
Come view the snow-lit morn
of hope and future plans.”


LINDA IMBLER is the author of the published poetry collection “Big Questions, Little Sleep.”  She is a Kansas-based Pushcart Nominee. Her work has appeared in numerous national and international journals. Linda’s creative process and a current, complete listing of sites which have or will publish her work can be found at

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  1. Happy New Year Poet Linda ! Love "Hope And Promise" An actual "coat of optimism and promise" So bright and inspiring. Beautiful words to pass on for 2018 !!!