Monday, January 1, 2018




Glancing as the curtain falls on yesteryears
Stroking every emotion of revelation past,
As history turns page on page of dying fears,
I speak well of meaningful memories last.

The useful lessons that I learnt on my way,
Neglected atrocities ushered darkest days,
I am no longer young and strong as before,
Although I stand tall in my miseries sore.

Smart lads enlightened on android phones,
Hardly have time for children and old,
Lust of wealth has turned them into stones,
Destructive technology in hands of drones.

Whole world scattered on blistering sands,
Evil united in powerful chorus bands,
Bombs in human forms explode on lands,
Waiting for angels with magical wands.

The pain of disparity lurking inside,
Leaders of hatred take us on a ride,
Discoverers fly on new planets in skies,
Scientists invent war weapons worldwide.

While beautiful dream for one world stays,
Hope spills through ink on words I say,
My faith in humanity intact till last day,
I will never be too old to kneel down and pray.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 20/11/17.


The whispers of enchanted mist,
Touch the flowers with a kiss,
In this valley of flowering gardens,
Tombs of first ancestors exists.

Who changed the fate of barren land?
Digging into the gardens of Eden,
Here winds speak their language,
Sunshine touches the hem of heaven.

Morning opens her eyes sweet and slow
Birds sing aloud near the head stone,
Soft flowers radiate with a glow,
Beauty of fantasy in reality blows

Magical moments enact in twilight,
When every living soul comes alive,
Even the spirit of trees takes a flight,
And night is still closing her eyes.

The leaves hug branches to sleep,
Falling petals for butterflies weep,
Down old familiar meadows deep,
Near horizon clouds serenade sing.

There is a miraculous connection,
Between the creator and creations,
The sky is boldly blue in existence ,
Coming day hangs in anticipation.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 19/11/17.


We come out to play and giggle with delight,
When we let our child hidden surface out,
There is no better feeling in all the world exists,
Raising children and grandchildren about.

As we hang old tyre swings on a branch ,
Or pick a log to tie with strings on top ,
Or just hang from big trees to launch,
Out on the grounds with a hop.

As we get involved in their pranks,
Sometimes daring to follow the tracks,
Follow untrodden paths to exotic places,
Holding each other like delicate laces.

Take a rope and skip down the street,
Splash in puddles with shoes on our feet,
Take our tongues out to catch raindrops,
Places we would wander like buzzing bees.

Run against the winds as a kite,
Open hands like birds in flight,
Spinning twirling dry leaves white,
Floating weightless feeling more alive.

Return of spring fresh as a child,
Unsaid worries don't clutter our mind,
Undaunted forays in unlimited climbs,
Light of perfect times reflections rewind.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 18/11/17.


Let  my soul shine through free,
Let the wrinkle lines crease be seen,
Ring out the laughter loud and clear ,
Smiling eyes without any fears.
Let the serenity of snowfall show,
Leave the grey hairs as it grows,
Dousing heads with dye no more,
Amazing look of years heart knows.
The wonderful days travelled by,
Looking back in the mirror is fine,
No wrinkle creams can fade my lines,
No one can convince me otherwise.
Decades of memories carried so far,
Ravishing divine reveals the pat,
Best is authentic not boxed colour bars,
Sheer joy is original not botox marked.
Let's take our hearts and let it be ,
Listen to the magic whispers of old trees,
Just as they weave a picture serene,
Beauty of golden hours is heavenly bliss.
Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright 17/11/17.


JYOTIRMAYA THAKUR is a retired vice principal of an international school. She is a bilingual poetess and writer. A teacher, academician, administrator , consultant , trainer , coach and counsellor.  She has won  many awards from different poetry forums national and international. Many poems have been published on international website of , Albania ,Belgium, Germany, India, Iraq, Italy, Philippines, UK ,&USA . A creative writer for ‘Poet's Choice ‘forum and Co-editor in ‘My Books Publications’, Editor of Anthology -”Symphony of Souls “. Admin of 13 poetic forums and member of jury for 7 poetry forum contests. Chief moderator of Telangana Poetry Forum. A widely travelled person and in love with all cultures of the world.

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