Monday, January 1, 2018




Love madness rages,
Rages and enrages feel of love,
Feel of love wrathed by its sanness.

Feeling of love knows none,
It knows only itself,
Itself binded into other self,
The madness becomes authority of love.

Love authorized and feelings emotionalized,
Love succumbed by its own feelings,
Its feelings forced madness of love
Madness another expression of love.

Love a soft feeling,
Turns into bewilderment,
Its anxiety, anxiousness,
All turn into madness of love,
As a very strong expression of love.


Heart aches when love meets,
Love meets and tweets through heart,
Heart twitted by love,
Love allures heart,
Heart risks love.

Heart risked by love,
Lost in the heartless state,
Love touched by its state of art,
Romantic art, lives the heart in heartless state.

Heart touched by the rhythm,
Rhythmic are its waves,
Tragic are its strokes,
But its muse, ecastic, lovely
And ends in loneliness.


Feelings suffer in its transmutation,
Transmutation gets mutilated,
There’s disturbance out of combustion,
Combustion mixes the process,
The process of feeling deeply
Intensely, intimately and lovingly.

The beauty of thoughts
Crystallized into feelings
Feelings crystal,
But deception its course,
In course of action point
Point to pointless feeling.
It can neither think
Nor speak out words,
It’s a good source for writing,

Writing down voiceless feelings,
And giving voice for realization of feelings,
Real eyes feels love,
Love densed in the
Forest of eyes.

Eyes speechless,
Voice voiceless,
Hear love full,
Feelings voiceless,
Love loveless and mindless,
Mindlessness is its course of action.


RAJESH KUMAR. (M.A., M.phil, KSLET) He is a prolific writer and a poet, who has published articles and poems in various literary journals. His articles and poems have been published in national journals like Research Innovator and Research Chronicler and also in Inter- continental journals like – Kafla –journal of art, culture and literature and also in .He has attended and presented papers in several academic State, National and International Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops. He has authored an anthology of poetry titled as Expressions of Love. He has been honored   with Sahithya Shree for his contribution in the field of literature by KAFLA, International writers club, Chandigarh. He has been felicitated and honored by a state literary award by the Vice Chancellor of Karnataka State Law University Hubli.He has also been awarded Mathew Arnold award for his poetry. He has done his post Graduation, M.A. English from Bangalore University, Bangalore, and KSLET from Mysore University, Mysore and M.Phil from Dravidian university, Andhra Pradesh. He has 10 years of teaching experience, worked in various esteemed institutions of Bangalore. He began his teaching carrier from S.t. Joseph‘s College of Arts and Science, (Autonomous) Bangalore, Jain University, Bangalore, CMR Institute of Management Studies,(Autonomous), KLE Society ‘s S.Nijalingappa College, Bangalore.  KLE Law College, Bangalore. He is presently working in University Law College, Bangalore University, and Bangalore. The  above said  anthology of poetry  titled as Expressions of Love is not only the first book of the poet , but it is one of  the first explorations into the theme and purview of love , which projects love not just emotionally , but  has analyzed the complex emotion of love  more objectively . The Expressions of love are highly experimental in their nature, the titles of poetic entities studies the theme from various dimensions. Human emotions are very complex, ambiguous and difficult to comprehend. The emotion of love is an epitomized emotion of emotions. 

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