Thursday, February 1, 2018




If you want to start something new
first try to find out who you are:
At times you might not have a clue
but from the truth you might be far

Try to take a look inside:
There's nothing that you have to hide…
Just don't think you have to be perfect,
for that's nothing anyone else really would expect

Try to see the good sides of you,
strengthen these side - something joyful to do;
this weakens the less good parts, too,
for to yourself, you should be true

If you want a good way to go on,
try to find out where you're coming from:
Imagine the things you want get done,
try to figure out how to achieve to do at least some

For I'd like you to be happy as can be,
believing that if you could just see
what can be done if you follow your heart,
this would cause a good feeling - a good way to start

You don't always have to be right
-there isn't even a reason to fight:
Just don't lose your goals out of sight…
Always remember to keep following your inner light

If you make mistakes, don't be sad,
for these are lessons you might have to learn:
It shouldn't make you feel too bad
for they help you reach the goal for which you yearn

If you keep being right all the time through,
there might be a lot of which you don't have a clue:
You might get so self-assured you don't watch where you go
-this might make you lose the way before you even know

Stay humble and be the person you want to be:
It's not important what other people might get to see…
Open your eyes, have faith - this might set something free,
because I'm happy to get to know the person you already are to me


A new year just happened to start
-I can feel a change inside my heart:
I now feel I'm part of something new,
the joy I feel is breaking through

I feel a change is going on,
that finally is about to show…
I hope some of the bad things will get gone
So that the seed of love will grow

Change by now is everywhere:
Just look around - it is right there…
We're not too many yet - but we’ll be more
We carry an important message right in our heart's core

We speak for the ones who have no voice,
we show how easy a change for the better can be;
we show people that they have a choice,
that they only need to open up to be able to see

I believe in our ability to understand and choose:
We can change for the better - there's nothing to lose
We can be a healthier, happier person than ever before
-just by choosing to do something against the things we used to ignore

We just have to keep going our way,
a way we know is definitely right,
so we'll be able to see some day
how we keep spreading love and light

There is no way to change the past
-but now we can make changes that will last:
We can choose a path of compassion and love
-can you already guess what I'm thinking of?

Don't use other beings for your goal,
because in the end it might cost your very soul…
From where we start doesn't play any role:
Just respect any life - so it can make you whole

We need to leave the past behind
to work with everything that we will find:
We just need to stop ignoring for what we've been blind…
We need to act like who we're meant to be - the human kind


To me it's hard to sleep tonight
-because the moon is shining bright
-because whatever I try to do,
my thoughts just circle around you

I try to relax enough to sleep,
To concentrate and simply keep on counting sheep,
so I should get tired - but instead
the thought of you doesn't leave my head

Maybe reading could get me tired
it does - but the effect expired:
I am lying in my bed being wide awake
hoping that at least you can sleep - for your own sake

I thought of trying meditation,
so before I got some education
-but when I close my eyes all I get to see
are your eyes - looking into mine - continuously

I tried to relax using something to smell
-I used vanilla - I love it, but that doesn't help so well,
for I started watching the moonshine:
I thought about what I would do if you were mine…

I thought I'd drink some herbal tea,
some infusion that should help sleeping usually:
My body gets tired - I start to dream away…
I see how we would spend each day

I don't want to turn to medication,
because I feel that not even an operation
could help me control the longing for who I miss
-though all I'd like to get is a good night kiss

So you see now what I'm going through…
Can you imagine the pain I'm feeling even grew?
So - what do you suggest for me to do?
I'm on my knees - because I'm really missing you

So - whatever you would like to be,
to nearly anything I would agree:
It's your choice - but I hope, eventually
it would be nice for you to stay with me


So many people have to go
long before their time is due…
I wish they could stay and grow,
so they could see this world renew

It feels like I watch time passing by,
while others younger than me have to die
-often it is so unnecessarily,
so it makes me sad as I can be

I don't think anyone could be replaced,
so we should keep them in our heart:
They can't share anymore about the things they faced
or their experiences in which they were taking part…

They had to leave, we're left behind
with many thoughts about them in our mind:
We can just cherish the things they still could share…
Don't forget to show that we still care

Trying to learn from what they did before,
feeling the sadness of loss instead to simply ignore
that usually there would have been some more
-more time, more experiences for them in store

I hope they lived their life in a happy way,
though I wish they would have had a chance to stay…
There is nothing left for me but to say
that I hope to meet them all again - some day


BRITTA HOFFMANN was born 1970 in Germany, she lives close to Bremen. Her mother tongue is german – as is her nationality. She left school in 1989, and got married in 1991. She has 3 daughters. She started to write poetry in 2002.

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