Thursday, February 1, 2018




It appears
as if the previous night
has quenched every thirst

The day comes with light
and voices of birds
strange to the ear

In the distance
the wavering sound
of a reed flute:

a morning prayer
for Shiva, for Buddha
or for whatever god.

So peaceful appears this morning
as if after so many ages
humanity were at peace
finally at rest.

From: “In The Stream Of Time, Meditations In The Himalayas”


Be melting snow
wash you off yourself

Is this of whatever source
the voice
which murmurs mantras
or any other psalm
between the lips
of the river’s bank?

Out of silence
emerges the well
and becomes a stream

pure water
loaded with shadows
flowing to the night

- or who knows

towards a track of light.

From: “In The Stream Of Time, Meditations In The Himalayas”


The ravens fly in swarms
the eagle flies alone
Luchino Visconti

So close to heaven
flies the eagle
as the poet

who patiently waits
the arrival of a verse

till the pen
scratches finally a few a few lines

still doubting
the sense

the idleness
of naming.

From: “In The Stream Of Time, Meditations In The Himalayas”


GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT, is a Belgian (Flemish) poet living in Spain, translator and publisher of international poetry. He received many international awards, nominated in 2017 for the Nobel Prize of Literature. He wrote short stories, literary critics and 13 books of poetry, translated over 30 books of international poetry. His own poetry collections were published so far in 28 countries. He is editor of POINT Editions (founded 1984 in Belgium), president of Fundación Cultural Ithaca (Spain), vice president of the Mihai Eminescu Academy (Romania), co-founder JUNPA (Japan Universal Poets Association. He publishes weekly (in 17 languages) international poetry as the Poem of the Week. The Indian poet-publisher Thachom Poyil Rajeevan compared his philosophical, TAO and ZEN-inspired poetry with the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore.

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