Thursday, February 1, 2018




While "The Kreutzer Sonata"
Agitates you endlessly,
When there is not yet the point of no return,
And beating of the heart in unison takes place,
Let pay for everything in the future,
Let crimson sunset will burn down,
But the Ladylove – it is as if sacred,
It is as icon’s expensive frame.
To be frank, I am so glad,
That you live in the rhythm of the scherzo,
Planets lined up in a row,
When the Ladylove is next to you!


Anna Pavlovna Kern, Mendeleeva Luba
Lilya Brik, Isadora Duncan ...
How many are those who were Ladylove of poets,
Who twined numerously delicate figure?
Pushkin, Blok, Mayakovsky, Yesenin,
Dante, Byron, all are countless,
Ladylove, you were sung by all of them,
Oh, so many people in the word paid homage to you!
That there is sin to conceal, because everyone hopes
At the fame and glory, laurel wreath,
Only the point is that not everyone
Meets its long-awaited magic flower!
Without it, you cannot write about the "wonderful moment",
And about embodiment of fondest dream
"Like a fleeting vision,
Like a genius of pure beauty ..."


You are the fast streams of river
In which we cannot set foot on twice,
You loved me once,
And now we are separated...
Oh, those days were wonderful,
Sparkling like droplets of cascade,
And feelings were pouring like waterfall,
I feel the beating pulse of your trembling hands!
My greedy eyes try to keep in memory forever
All your graceful gestures.
You are my diamond, award of destiny!
But how short was a wonderful moment,
When I truly comprehended
The beauty of Eden!


ADOLF P. SHVEDCHIKOV: Russian scientist, poet and translator. Born May 11, 1937 in  Shakhty, Russia. In 1960 he graduated from Moscow State University, Department of Chemistry. Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1967. Senior researcher at the Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Since 1997 - the chief chemist of the company Pulsatron Technology Corporation, Los Angeles, California, USA. Doctor of Literature World Academy of Arts and Letters. He published more than 150 scientific papers and about 600 of his poems indifferent International Magazines of poetry in Russia,USA, Brazil, India, China, Korea, Japan, Italy, Malta, Spain,France, Greece, England and Australia. He published also 17 books of poetry. His poems have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi languages. He is the Member of International Society of Poets, World Congress of Poets, International Association of  Writers and Artists, A. L. I. A. S. (Associazione Letteraria Italo-Australiana Scrittori, Melbourne, Australia). Adolf P. Shvedchikov is known also for his translation of English poetry ("150 English  Sonnets of XVI-XIX Centuries". Moscow. 1992. "William Shakespeare. Sonnets." Moscow. 1996) as well as translation of many modern poets from Brazil, India, Italy, Greece, USA, England, China and Japan. In 2013 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

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