Thursday, February 1, 2018




This love is magic,
it's never out of fashion,
I am spell bound by your charms.
I have found an everlasting love,
within your loving arms.

’twas cupid with his golden wings,
that brought us close together,
a clever man who knew his stuff,
made a love that will last forever.

You are the one,
that makes me whole,
your in my heart and mind,
you know my secret soul.

Many chapters my life has had,
a vast volumes of stories to tell,
the moment that I saw you,
I fell under cupids spell.


I believe in miracles,
I believe they come true,
like when the angels of the heavens,
guided me to you.

I believe in spirit,
upon their astral cloud,
I believe that things I've done,
have often made then proud.

I believe that dreams come true,
when you make a wish so sweet,
I believe that when times are bad,
we all deserve a treat.

I believe there's more to life,
than being born and growing old,
I believe there is something out there,
waiting to unfold.

I believe in my children,
whom I love with all my heart,
I believe that no matter where we are,
we are never far apart.


A bond of love

Basic yet strong
Reassuring one another
Other friends come and go
These boys will always have each other
Happy memories  of
Everyday with each other
Racing,swimming,climbing trees
Sharing secrets no one else knows

Brothers who share a bond so strong are
Open to an eternal love
Never letting each other down
Dare devils to the end


DONNA MCCABE was born and raised in the Rhondda Valleys, South Wales, UK. She now lives in a town called Penygraig with her husband Richard, a post man, their three children and family dog. She has always loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She finds it therapeutic and a relief from life's every day grind and problems. She has been writing actively for the last sixteen years in which time she has had a large portion of her work published in a number of magazines, journals, local periodicals, poetry anthologies as well as various poetry groups online in which she is an active member.

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