Thursday, February 1, 2018




Fate has aligned the stars
to shine eternally on our
unknown foretold love like
a white dove floating down
from heavenly bodies above –
Wrapping its soft wings around our
introductory halo as I turned around
at the arrivals information desk with a
hesitant ‘hello' silently thanking the stars
for this welcome emotional flow of
Cupid’s intoxicating piercing arrow
securing my unknown new tomorrow.

A meeting of two souls recognizing
familiar shared goals only revealed
in distant fragmented symbolic dreams – A
bond strengthened by a shared moral compass
guiding us both out from our emotional social
abyss – Never questioning or doubting this
fighting this diminishing this – For this is
certain, open the everlasting curtain – To
a pulsating encompassing love eternal…
© Don Beukes


I can hear you near me, here but your velvet touch
is nowhere near to comfort me, to steer me, to anchor
me or fulfill me – Are you here with me, now?
I can smell your cinnamon infused fingertips like
you used to surprise me with a sweet teatime delicacy –
Oh how I miss your sense of adventure leaping off a
waterfall cliff to join me in that melting azure mountain
pool below, delivering a splendid unforgettable aquatic show.
I reach out to you but I cannot feel you or hear you – Your
sweet whispers fading they become echoes of your affirmative
affections – Only your lingering aura guides me to where you
should be yet I am unable to move as I find myself floating on
our love.

It's brighter now since this unknown haze of emotions has
captured my obvious intentions to embrace you, sway with you
leap with you, rediscover you.

I can hear the rush of mountain air the melody of you so sweet
here – They are here my love, reaching out to me I am too weak
to fight it, so please hurry and meet me in the light…
© Don Beukes


Social contract choices muted
in this job of living –Suffering
each demon alley night soaked
in sweet sweat from ridiculous
senseless targets stress achievements
not met – Enter the employment
earthly masters' chosen guillotine
I fear the reactions from various
hardcore factions happy in the
matrix of living –
Each day religiously playing
their scripted parts but I am sorry
I need to bow out and turn my
back on the baying crowd –
Discard this daily decaying shroud
and finally heal my daily suffering
in this job of living…


DON BEUKES is the author of ‘The Salamander Chronicles’ and ‘Icarus Rising – Volume 1’, who only started to have his poetry published since August 2015 in various international literary magazines and journals, after writing poetry part-time over ten years whilst working as a Teacher of English and Geography in both South Africa and the United Kingdom. He also appears in various Anthologies by Creative Talents Unleashed and also featured in ‘In So Many Words : A Collection of Interviews and Poetry from today’s Poets’ by Adam Levon Brown of Madness Muse Press, ‘Selfhood’ by Transcendent Zero Press edited by Dustin Pickering and ‘Apple Fruits of an Old Oak : A Collection of Contemporary Short poems, Micro Poetry, Haiku & Photography’ and ‘Where are you from’ edited by Soodabeh Saeidnia, as well as ‘Headlines and Tragedies' edited by Shannon Lynette of Lady Chaos Press. His poems have been translated into Afrikaans, Farsi and Albanian and he has received a ‘Best of the Net 2017’ nomination for his trilogy ‘Esorfo Ygolirt/Triloigy of Rose' in Scarlet Leaf Review. He also writes short fiction.

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