Thursday, February 1, 2018




Let us cry…….
Cry,  till our throats swell
Till our screeches reach the sky
Who always relucts to hear
Hear our screams
Let us cry
Till our hearts burst with pain
Till we dissolve
In our own tears

Let us cry
On being unheard
On being cursed
On being sold out discounted

On our futile silence
Let us cry
On not crying for ages….!!
Aamir Abdullah(Pakistan)


Sing the songs of virginity
On her wrist
When jingle
Symphony of the universe
Can be heard….!!
Aamir Abdullah( Punjab,Pakistan)


Alone I stood
Around me was
A web of trodden paths
Rushing towards unknown….

Between the golden grasslands
Wrapped in the tornados
Behind the furious hurricanes
Beneath the trembling rocks
Where the unknown was…?
Was that on the
Blue or green or the orange star
Or in the heart of black hole
Or in the emptiness of my heart

Alone I stood
Around me was
A web of trodden paths
Rushing towards unknown
I was wondering
Outwards or inwards
Where had they gone
All my fellow men, leaving me alone..!


AAMIR SHEHZAD is a poet from Pakistan; his pen name is Aamir Abdullah. He writes poetry in three languages. English, Urdu and Punjabi. Urdu is his national language while Punjabi is his mother tongue. He has three books of poetry published by his name. He is also a prose writer. He has written light personal essays and critical articles especially on modern literary theory. Professionally he is an educationist, running a school system in Pakistan. Literature is his passion, and does not consider it as his profession. He loves writing and believes it is the song of his soul.

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