Thursday, February 1, 2018




When you love like a century your day is long
And nobody can In no war win you

You are no more a lonely and little I
Your I is growing
And becomes larger than you
Larger than life

Only then The World is smaller
Than the universe of two beings

In whose encounter All fluids of the cosmos
Touch and epitomize

Only then you are a chord of human power
In the interval I YOU WE ALL

And when death irrevocably
transfers you to unknown spaces

You will be the brightest lighthouse

Wherever you are
On the continent of your name
LOVE will shine

The most durable Sanctity
In which future generations
Will take communion

Only that Sanctity
Is larger than dreams and reality
Larger than everything that exists

Because LOVE has made Both Gods and People


In the shells of time
Murmurs the sea
of our days

Nothing else
Is important to me
That I can wish for
In this world

From the moment
our beings rearrange
in the universes
of tenderness

In a fusion of two universes
A new Sun is always born

And only then you can cruise
through infinity

And sail into some
Magical waters

In which every touch
And kiss

Turn into
islands of flowers

And only then you ride
On a star   born in magic

The powder of which   shines
Even when   the star   fades away


If you are upper eyelash
And me lower eyelash

Our love will be the eye
That sees both worlds
This one here
And the one above us

As long as the music of stars
Announces  your arrival

And in my  smile
The Moon  of your sky

Connected in myriad
Of mutual flickers

We will live in each other
As reflections in the water

So if I am a holiday
Be my celebration

When I am a prayer
Be a saint in front of which
I keep vigil in prayer

When in each breath
One eternity lives

And in each step heavenly
We touch the road

We will dream our future US

English translation:


VERICA TADIĆ was born on 08.12.1949 in Donji Dubac (Municipality of  Guča, Western Serbia). She graduated from the Economics Faculty in Kragujevac. She has been publishing contemporary poetry, haiku poems, essays, reviews, studies, stories, maxims and aphorisms in domestic and international magazines and joint publications. She is represented in numerous literary editions and magazines, in forty joint books, as well as in eight anthologies of Serbian writers, two anthologies of Balkan writers and one world anthology.

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