Saturday, September 1, 2018




In my silent lips you stay
Among the noiseless clouds you buzz
Behind the shade I see your shadow
From the rustling breeze I hear your echoes
Wrapping  your fragrance in silence
I remember all the smiling letters
Of our mutual passion..
While remembering I erased the dark circles
I  refresh myself  only  with the colors  of rainbow
When loneliness shrieks  for your presence
I  choose my beats to sing  of your essence
Rolling hours  is conscious of the difference
Yet  to me you are the fragrant  tempest
And  you live in my quivering lips.


Two  heave for the pulsation
They hear sound of sensation.
From the whispering wind ,and are,
Observer ant , to the air of emancipation
The melodious air sails them to  far off isle,
There they set up a  castle of transparent  glass
Unlike the sunlight ,the moonlight too  ascends
Its  place ,butterflies   dance on lily base
Both   smile and hop ,together  rear in grace
Forgetting the earthly domain,
Erasing the lines and curves that come between their way
Wind is whispering the symphony of affection,
The  longing souls  are wandering  to find out  route of expression
To enter into each other’s soul  with  perfection
The air whispers the tale of romance,
Lovers  are roaming in the dreamland
to watch the day sun
Careless about the staring moon
But addicted to the whispering wind
The driving wind  is creating craziness in their  hearts


Some how I miss the smile of melodious brook,
When I see the silent rock,
My body didn’t get the goose bumps ,yet,
My heart search your foot prints in the favourite spot ,
Fervently and ardently than before,
Every flash backs reminds me with itched thoughts,
I divert my route from your pomp,
Consciously and careful enough to not get perturbed,
With all those feelings attached to,
The echo in my inner dwelling recites no other song,
Except you in every platform,
The wind says ,you will not come back to touch my base,
My mind accepts the fact,
Alas! I cannot explain this to my stubborn core,
Whose rhyme is you.


LOPAMUDRA MISHRA: A native puri,now residing in Bhubaneswar Orissa, She completed her graduation {English Hons} from Sailabala Women’s college Cuttack,And post –graduation    { English} from Ravenshaw University Cuttack. Her fascination for  writing came from her grandfather  and father from an early age. Writing  for her is the powerful medium of expression.Her  poems  have been  published in many magazines and anthologies . Her first book “Rhyme Of Rain” was published  in march 2017 , second book “First Rain” in august 2017 and her third book- Tingling Parables in May 2018.


  1. excellent word craft.very deep and heart touching imagery used. more success.