Saturday, September 1, 2018




While out for a walk
I rested by a five barred
and watching the cows
grazing there,
I suddenly became aware
they were part of me,
no longer a separate identity..

I felt engulfed in their
consciousness of the way
things ought to be.
I then gazed at the trees
long and hard ,
soon we were blending
in unity, as I became one
of thousands of living,
leafy eyes ,

that had a familiar affinity
which embraced me.
The wonderful sense of  Oneness
is  so marvelous
I feel I am not alone in the
universal sea ,
the creator is in everything and
I know I am, where I should  be.
©Liz Ragout


Half believing in the magical
"crock of gold"
at the bottom of the rainbow,
is an unconscious feeling
that other worlds, and other
dimensions exists.
The abode of the "little people"
lies between these area's as they
guard the treasures of nature..

It is often difficult for adults to
see or even visualize these realms
that lie beyond our own.

This is because the lamp of the
imagination burns brightest in our
childhood years.
If you should hear the faint tinkling
sound of silvery laughter, or the soft
murmuring of fluttering wings, on
your walks ,at the boundaries of
the garden, or woods ,you are assured
that there are fairies abroad.
Perchance you may get a glimpse of
these beautiful nature spirits at work..
©Liz Ragout


There is beauty
in the roses and flowers
that flourish in summer,
when the warm sun
caresses their roots..
The wildflowers sit pretty
in the long meadow grass,
I rejoice to see them ,
and store mental pictures,
for when, their time is past.

I note when the fuchsia
starts running wild,
reminding me often,
of when I was a bold,
wayward child.

In late September
a small murmur of sorrow
overshadows the land,
still the sturdy germanium
fights to withstand.
the set  laws of nature.
as the cycle unfolds.
When fading flowers are cast off ,
and new flora and fauna unfold.


LIZ RAGOUT is a 76 year old Irish born senior citizen living in London. She started writing in earnest when she retired at age 69. She loves nature, music and interacting with people of all nations.

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